My Recent Reading List

A few books that I’ve read lately:

  1. My chick lit for the month was Little Pink Slips, an adorable book about a woman working in the magazine industry. Kinda like The Devil Wears Prada, but from the nice editor’s point of view. I don’t know why I devour chick lit. I finished this in two days.
  2. The Abstinence Teacher seems promising so far, much more so than the Honeywell HFD-120-q. I liked, and was slightly disturbed by Little Children, also by Tom Perrotta, so we’ll see what happens with this one. Little update: I’m enjoying it, and find it timely given the issues it deals with (morality and the religious divide faced in the U.S. right now).
  3. French by Heart was a cute, lighthearted read that I finished in a few days. Given my mini obsession with all things French and one of my dreams of being able to move there, I had to scoop this up when I saw it. I also really enjoy reading about people from the U.S. who have moved and made their life overseas. This is the story of a typical suburban American family that moves to France for four years. The best character in the book is the crotchety French neighbor Madame Mallet who shares words of “wisdom” with the Ramsey family. My favorite is when she tells them things like “Your country is young, you do not know any better.” So typically French! Hehe.
  4. More “chick lit”: The Manny. Stayed up late one night and finished this. It was cute, typical, but cute.
  5. Then We Came to the End and Use What You’ve Got are on hold right now. Actually, I just saw DH reading Use What You’ve Got, so it might be a while before I get to it.
  6. I have Eat, Pray, Love out again but am really stuck at the second part which I’m not enjoying as much as the first. Meh.
  7. I finished Because She Can. Now that’s Devil Wears Prada, but with books rather than fashion. Quick read.
  8. I also picked up The Bright Side of Disaster, but am only a chapter or two in. Maybe I can finish this one before the month is up!

Other recent reads:

  1. I was reading Eat, Pray, Love, and really enjoying it, but I didn’t get to finish it before it was due. There is a waiting list for it at the library, I think they need more copies. It’s good enough that I might actually buy it. The author is witty and so it’s not a drag like I expected it to be given its popularity.I finished
  2. Real-Life Homeschooling and meh. I didn’t get much from it. I guess because I tend to read some fabulous homeschooling blogs, this book ouldn’t really compete. I did learn one or two new things though.
  3. My chick lit this month is I Don’t Know How She Does It. It’s a fun, but typical read. Working mom guilt, mommy wars, blah, blah, blah.
  4. Next to start is Then We Came to the End which the Times hailed as one of The 10 Best Books of 2007. We’ll see. Update: I’ve started it, and find it a little slowgoing at the beginning.
  5. I really liked reading The Little Fir Tree to the kids. I found it on Soulemama’s winter reading list and promptly checked it out. A sweet story.
  6. Owl Moon, another on Soulemama’s list was a big hit here. The kids loved hooting over and over again.
  7. I saw The Little House Christmas books at the library, and figured, why not? They’re simplified versions of the Christmases in the regular series. The best thing about these is that they’re short and sweet – like the Manduka PROLite – so perfect for bedtime or for ZB to read to his siblings.
  8. We didn’t like, ok, I didn’t like The Big Snow. I found it long and boring. This book felt more like a lesson that a story. And my kids have no trouble coming to me if they want a lesson, so, meh.
  9. I found Use What You’ve Got at Dollar Tree and couldn’t not pick it up. After all, anyone that follows New York real estate even a tad (yes, I still subscribe to Brooklyn neighborhood blogs, heh) knows who Barbara Corcoran is. I’m really surprised how much I like this one, too. In fact, I may go back and buy a few copies to give as gifts. I can’t give a real review as I’m only about a third of the way through, but what sticks out for me so far is how down to earth and casual she comes across while talking about how she made her dreams come true.

Another Interesting Day

I had that meeting. It was interesting. I am thrilled about the prospect of this group, but also, a little I dunno, apprehensive?.

ZB has an asthma attack in the middle of the night Friday while using his Concept 2 Model D, so we spent Friday night and Saturday morning in the ER. The thing that pisses me off is that it could’ve totally been prevented I think. His doctor’s nurse never got back to me on Friday after several calls asking her to have the doc write him a prescription for a new mask for his nebulizer. He’s almost 100% now. The respiratory therapist that saw him recommended allergy testing which was recommended to us last year, but I’m still on the fence about that. I mean, the kid hates needles and if he turns out to be allergic to oh, I dunno, trees and grass, what am I going to do, ya know? My brother and I both have allergies, his more severe. I went with bro to get his testing done and I know exactly what they do and I really don’t think ZB could handle it without 5 or 6 people holding him down. I’m not sure that’s worth it.

Since he seemed better on Saturday night, we decided to go ahead with that day’s advent calendar activity which was attending our local Christmas parade. DH and I wore our Santa hats and the kids wore their reindeer ears ‘cuz we’re cool like that. You know you’re jealous. 😛 The kids’ favorite part is when Santa throws candy off the firetruck and it hits me on the head. Yay. LOL. Bebe loves firetrucks. What toddler doesn’t? And so I think this was the highlight of his year besides getting to go inside one a few months back.

Parade dudes

I took DH out to VA for a follow up visit for his carpal tunnel and so Bebe and I dropped him off and headed over to the new Super Target and Michael’s. I checked out all Martha’s cute stuff at Michael’s and got jealous that we have no Starbucks at our Target. *Sigh* It’s ok, in about 6 months, there’ll be a Super Target about 5 minutes away. Yay!

Oh, and how could I forget? I got a package full of books from Anna in the mail! Two knitting books for me, and a few books and stickers for the kids. Plus, a cute card. 😀 I love goodies.

A few things I ask why about:

  1. Why am I so excited about the return of American Gladiators?
  2. Why does Extreme Home Makeover make me get dust in my eyes*?
  3. Why did it take months for me (and other parents) to realize that the new school playground equipment was finished? Seriously, it’s a climbing ball that has some modern art wtf qualities.
  4. Why is it 80 degrees one day and 40 the next?
  5. Why am I just as excited as the kids that we got High School Musical 2 from Netflix?
  6. Why am I mad that my friend had the great idea to get the kids a magazine subscription for Christmas? I wish I had thought of that for her kids!
  7. Why did I really wish I lived abroad after watching Sicko? I know a lot of negative things about living in other countries like France – like not having a Honeywell HFD-010 – were glossed over, but hey, my dad, aunt, and several half siblings live in Paris, built in babysitting is a plus! 😛
  8. Why is DD like a little ghost at night -floating from room to room and turning lights on and off?
  9. Why did JcPenney send me 2 $10 off a $10 purchase coupons after I spent $10 on a new top? (Worn in the pic below)
  10. Why am I surprised by how much I like Eat, Pray, Love?

Using Yoghurt for More than Just Eating

The very thought of yoghurt is soothing and gives a cooling sensation in the scorching sun of summer. This marvelous food item loaded with zinc, calcium, yeast, vitamins B1, B2, B6 and B12, and proteins is a warrior against innumerable disorders, like cancer, osteoporosis, diarrhea, high blood pressure and yeast infection. It helps in proper digestion, weight control and strengthens immune system.

Moreover, it works as a natural moisturizer for skin by adding oils and enzymes and it reduces pore size of the skin, improves the skin texture and gives you a glowing beautiful skin. Interesting? Let’s explore in depth how it helps in skin care and hair care.

You can use the following tips for enhancing your beauty with yoghurt’s help;

  1. Blemishes and acne: apply yogurt daily on your skin so that the zinc contained in it acts to clean your skin and give you an acne free clear skin. Do not use flavored yogurt for this purpose and remove all make up before applying yogurt.
  2. Pimples; do not panic. Take a mixture of brewer’s yeast and yogurt and apply it on the face. Leave it like this for a few minutes before wiping out.
  3. Itchy Scalp: yoghurt is the best and tested remedy. Apply it on your hair, at the roots, wrap your hair in a towel, and after 15 minutes, wash your hair. Enjoy dandruff free and itch free hair.
  4. Yoghurt for Pedicure! Not only your hair and facial skin but also your hands and nails would be thankful to yoghurt. Make a mixture of yoghurt and lemon and put it in the refrigerator for a few hours. Then use this mixture to massage your hands and nails. Repeat it for a fortnight and love your smooth and soft hands.

More Yoghurt Packs

  • Plain Yogurt; besides zinc, yoghurt is rich in lactic acid which acts like a natural smoother, making yoghurt an excellent facial mask. Apply plain yogurt on your face and leave it for 20 minutes before washing it with warm water.
  • Nice and Zesty: mix yogurt with ¼ orange juice or ½ lemon juice and apply on your face. Leave it for 5 minutes before ringing with warm water. With this extra mix of citrus fruits, your skin’s normal pH level is restored and it would feel more refreshed and younger and able to ask yourself what is welding – and actually understand it.
  • Beat the Dry Daze; take half a cup of plain yoghurt and mix with 1 tsp olive oil and 1 ½ tsp of lemon juice, apply this mixture on face and you would get rid of dry skin.
  • Feel-Fab Fruit Pack; ¾ cup of plain yoghurt mixed with 1 carrot, ½ peach and half cucumbers. Apply this mixture on your skin and leave for ten minutes before rinsing. Your skin would be moisturized.
  • Protein power Pack; mix 1 tsp of yoghurt with 1 tsp honey, 1 tsp fuller’s earth and 1 egg white. This mixture would give you cleaning, moisturizing, toning and nourishing effects for your skin.

If you are allergic to any of the ingredients mentioned above, do not use these tips before you have consulted your doctor or skin specialist.

Great Scuba Practices to Live By

All divers want their experience to last as long as possible when scuba diving. One of the most effective methods for making the air in your tank last for longer periods is practicing, and learning how to control, your scuba breathing technique.

But the ability to make that air last so you stay underwater longer isn’t the only ingredient in that recipe that cooks up the dessert that we call “sipping air.”

How you breathe has a major impact on how long that air lasts. You have a number of techniques available for your use when you strap on that scuba gear. Your challenge is choosing the method that works best for you, and your diving style. I experimented with techniques over the years, and ended up with a personal style that works well for me. It combines parts of three or four different breathing methods, as well as the use of the best inversion table I can find to expand my back for more capacity.

Once I designed a technique I felt comfortable with, and tried it on a few dives to make sure it worked for me, I practiced it on land every time it came to mind. Then I mentally eased my breathing into it before I jumped into the water. (I made a conscious effort every time I went diving to breathe that way until my technique became a habit.)

That’s how you do it. Find your right style. Practice it on land until you own it. Then consciously breathe that way until you automatically do so every time you strap on that equipment.

But like I said, scuba breathing technique is only one element that affects how long you stay underwater.

I won’t get into the obvious limitations that scuba diving puts on you depending on your diving depth. You can dive past those limits if you like, but you won’t do that very many times.

Those elements you do control, or not, depend on your skills as a scuba diver. You can practice, and sharpen your skills. It’s your choice.

These other dive-lengthening activities include the following:

  • Your state of health.
  • Mental preparation.
  • Dive equipment.
  • Gear trim.
  • Your comfort in the underwater environment.
  • Your fin cycle speed.
  • Your dive style.

How you feel before any dive influences your dive length. A cold, congestion, or even a hangover distracts you from your diving skills. This type of distraction affects your breathing. You breathe faster, and your air won’t last long.

When you’re in a less than cheery mood, or you just don’t feel like diving, you don’t pay attention to your skills. Mentally preparing your attitude before each dive gets you into the frame of mind that keeps your attention sharp.

The more bulky your dive gear is the more you exert yourself moving through the water. The more you exert yourself, the faster you breathe. Adapt your equipment to the dive ahead of you. Don’t use a buoyancy control device with more lift capacity than you need. The more volume those bladders occupy the more friction against your progress. Small your equipment down so it doesn’t make you push too much water as you fin.

Improper gear trim attention adds to your exertion. All those tools and toys you hang around your body for enhancing your dive experience also shorten that experience. Those dive slates, lights, and gauge consoles increase drag when they hang loosely. Keep them strapped close to your body. Better yet, when you’re not using a particular item tuck it into a pocket. Or hide it inside your buoyancy control device.

Make sure you study your dive location, and normal conditions. Your comfort with the environment lends directly to whether you’re calm, or anxious. Staying calm makes for rewarding dive experiences. But if you grow anxious because of unexpected currents, or surprise visits from aquatic creatures you don’t expect, stress takes over, and you breathe faster.

Your fin cycle speed affects your breathing, just like a Honeywell SilentComfort air purifier does. The faster you kick through the water the more you exert yourself. Higher exertion both increases how fast you breathe, and tires you out so you don’t enjoy your dive as much.

I’ve seen many diving styles during my underwater excursions. Some people spend their whole dive over one small area of reef, entertained by all the colors and life in that area. Other divers try to visit every inch of reef on one dive. They flit here, rush there, and fly on to the next spot. The calmer your progress through the water the less you tire yourself. And, again, the less tired you become, the slower you breathe.

Scuba breathing technique is important to the length of your dive. But consider all of these other elements along with breathing. Practice them all, and hone your skills.

Then when you’re scuba diving you’ll enjoy longer dives, and a more rewarding underwater experience.

Staying Warm in Cold Waters

Dive quarry waters get mighty cold once you drop below 20-feet. And without some sort of protection from that cold scuba divers would stay down no longer than it takes a cat to dip a paw. You can’t enjoy a diving adventure when cold water keeps you from visiting the underwater attractions.

To keep from freezing while they’re in the water divers wear dive suits. Those dive suits work in different ways (depending on the design) to help protect the body from the frigid temperatures.

Divers have some options when choosing the type of dive suit they need for a given underwater trip. The two basic kinds of suit used for recreational diving include the wetsuit, and the dry suit.

Wetsuits are the most common for sport diving. Made of neoprene, similar to the Honeywell 17000, they range in thickness from one millimeter all the way up to 10 millimeter. Ten-millimeter wetsuits are rare in recreational diving. Divers use them almost exclusively for commercial operations.

A wetsuit insulates the diver by fitting snugly. It allows a thin layer of water to enter, and form, between the body and the neoprene material. Once this layer is in place it mostly stays in place. The suit allows very little exchange between the inside water and the outside water.

The body heat warms the inner layer of water, which creates the insulating barrier, and keeps the body warm.

When first jumping into the water the scuba diver gets an initial chill as the water enters the suit. That chill quickly goes away as the water layer warms to the body temperature. From that point on the insulating effect takes over, and the diver stays warm throughout the dive (as long as the suit fits properly).

One to three millimeter wetsuits work well in warmer waters like the tropics. They also work great for shallow dives of no more than 20-feet where the sun keeps the water above sixty to sixty-five degrees. Any colder than that, and these thin suits no longer insulate the body.

Manufacturers rate five millimeter suits and thicker for temperatures down around 50-degrees. Although you can dive these thicker suits in colder waters. It depends on your personal tolerance to lower temperatures. In my younger days I dove in water temperatures as low as 39-degrees with my 7-millimeter wetsuit. During those dives I stayed comfortable.

These days those colder waters get to me rather fast though. And though I occasionally make a dive into them, it’s rarely more than a short dive. The cold doesn’t bother me so much during the dive as afterward. The last time I dove a cold-water quarry in a recent April I didn’t warm up until a week later.

Dry suits for recreational diving are either semi-dry, or full dry.

Semi-dry suits have rubber seals at the wrists and ankles to minimize water entry. These suits are also neoprene, and the main difference between this and the wetsuit, other than the seals, is that the semi-dry suit is extra thick.

If the semi-dry suit accidentally floods it acts as a wetsuit. It still gives some insulation from the cold water.

Full dry suit seals are tight enough that no water gets into the suit. Most divers wear insulating undergarments designed for use with dry suits. Reading through a Honeywell 50250 S review, some divers also use the air purifier to improve lung function and make getting into a dry suit easier. Some wear sweat clothes, or insulated underwear.

The air forms a gap between the suit and the body. The body heat, assisted by the undergarments, warms the air. The warmed air insulates the diver.

When a dry suit accidentally floods the suit loses its insulation. The diver has no protection from the cold.

Without protection scuba divers get cold in water temperatures below 80-degrees. Diving suits protect against those colder waters.

Be Wary of Overhead Dangers

Divers sometimes face a variety of overhead dangers depending on the type of scuba diving they do.

When cavern diving overhead obstacles are part of the diving experience. And cave divers train so they have knowledge about how to dive safely with no access to air above them.

I once dove Devil’s Den in Florida. On that visit I got a small feel for what cavern divers must keep aware of every moment they enjoy their favorite sport.

The main area of the den has open cavern above the water, but tunnels branch off that main area. Gates block entry to the deeper tunnels because inexperienced diving into them threatens the life of the diver. Other tunnels are short, and open to exploration if you’d rather do that than read HSI flat iron reviews.

While diving there I explored a few of those short caves. In one I surfaced to an air space with just enough room for my head between the water and the overhead rock. In the others water met the rock above, with no air pocket to surface into.

Wreck divers also know the dangers of overhead hazards when they dive inside a sunken boat or ship.

In the case of small boats the danger is minimal. Many of our dive quarries in the Midwest have sunken cars, cabin cruisers and sailing yachts that permit our entry inside. These boats offer ready exit back outside the boat, and unless the diver tangles, or snags, his gear he encounters no problems touring inside the wreck.

Larger ships are different. You face long distances between exit points when diving the large spaces, and lower decks. The deeper you dive into bigger vessels the higher the threat because you take much longer getting back to open water.

But what about scuba diving in open water? No overhead environment but open air to surface to, at least for the most part.

In the quarries the condition of no overhead is mostly true. Unless you enter into one of those sunken vehicles, or fin into a small cavity in the rock, where you do find obstacles overhead.

But in the ocean, and especially in lakes, you always have a possibility of boats and ships cruising above you.

To protect themselves from overhead vessels divers display dive flags, and diver down floats to warn that people are underwater.

Flags and floats normally protect the divers in the ocean. They dive at designated dive sites; most boaters recognize the dive symbol on the flags and floats, and steer well clear of the area where they see diving activity in progress.

That isn’t always the case in recreational lakes.

I often dive a private lake in Indiana. The people who live around the lake own it. A committee of owners governs the property. That committee maintains rules (voted on by the owner’s association), and enforces those rules.

One rule is that diver’s tow diver down floats when diving in the lake. Each dive buddy team must tow at least one float.

The boaters of this lake know the rules, and recognize a dive float when they see one. When they spot a diver down float on the lake they steer cautiously around the area.

On other of the state’s recreational lakes conditions are much different. Many boaters have absolutely no idea what that red balloon floating on the water is all about – they are often busy looking on their phone for an MM-B80 review. I sometimes see boaters who apparently think those floats are racing pylons, and they see how close, and how fast, they can race around the float.

In those situations a diver who surfaces a few feet away from the float faces the threat of serious injury, or death.

Don’t take for granted that diver down float gives you all the protection you need.

Be aware of where you’re diving, along with the boater’s attitudes and knowledge, on that body of water.

When you’re scuba diving, safety for your life is your responsibility.

Creating Great Content for Your Blog

I am sure most of you already knew about blogging and what you are blogging about. But for some who already in and still need more information, here some points that I wish to share with you obtaining a successful blog. First thing before you start blogging, determine what you are blogging about? Generally, blogs are created for personal use such as a journal, daily adventures, tips and tutorial, photo blog, politic, business and whatever ideas they want to express online or maybe sharing ideas like this [oh sorry, just kidding].

So, if you are thinking of creating a blog for your Rabbit Air MinusA2 reviews, you need to consider some points that could possibly help you get through and make your blog one of the interesting blogs online.

  1. Consider your blog readers

Doesn’t matter what blog you are working on, whether for personal or for business purpose, try to make your readers interested and enjoy reading your blog. Hence, it is very important to come with a write up that everybody can understand your intention. Imagine when you read somebody else blog, how did you feel, did you enjoy? This kind of question has to be in your consideration.

  1. Include some pictures in your blog

Pictures speak a thousand words. To make your blogging worth the browsing effort of your readers, it would be extremely nice if you will put some pictures in it. It does not necessarily mean you have to place a picture of yourself. Any photographs will do as long as it does not pose danger or insult to anyone who will be reading your blog.

  1. Make constructive and beneficial blogs

It’s free to write anything you like in your blog, but still, it would be better to create something that would be beneficial to your readers. Always remember that people look for something benefit and useful. Internet is most common media nowadays. Make your blog to be part of the internet blog online.

  1. Use simple short and simple words

Try not to use some highly technical and highfalutin words, In order to have an interesting blogs. Remember, not all your readers can take it. So better stick to simple facts, simple words and short blogs.

  1. Make your blog interactive

Ask you readers feedback about the best air purifier for mold and your blog, provide open comment in your blog so that your readers will react from blog presentation, from there you will know what your readers expectation. Return to them, get communicate and interact. Who knows, you might even gain some friends just by making them feel at home in your blog site.

Indeed, blogs are not created just for the mere fun of it. It also has its own purpose in the world of the Internet. Today, there are too many sites that literally don’t seem to have a purpose. Why are these sites even there, and why do people keep on making them? When you’re working on your blog, make sure you have purpose and are providing value for every single one of your readers.

Is It Dragons Den Come to Life?

I was at an event last week organized by a company I invested in about three years ago. The business is unique and exists to encourage and promote innovation in health care. It is a fabulous business and one that I am very proud to associate myself with.

The event that I went to was the big award ceremony. The business runs this as a not for profit event and as a result of that it is able to generate a great deal of goodwill. The process involves putting together a panel of the great and the good in specific medical fields to validate and probe business ideas put forward by entrants in the competition trying to develop a new wall mounted jewelry cabinet.

If you can imagine it, is a dragons den made up of people who actually do know what they are talking about and who want to support rather than knock the entrants in the competition. Because the event is not for profit, the panel is willing to give up their very precious time for free. As a result of this input from them, the winners are very good and are able to go on to successful funding rounds.

The company makes it money by persuading some of these businesses to work with us to get funds raised and to allow us to invest in them. Whilst many people like to invest in the healthcare sector because of the potential of great returns, it is a notoriously difficult sector to get right. It really does require a lot of due diligence and specialized knowledge which most angel investors simply do not have.

This is an example of a business which has a clear vision about the future and has worked out how to create a compelling pipeline of companies to invest in. It has also worked out a long term plan. It is very happy to run these events on a not for profit basis (a lot of money was raised for charity that night) because it is thinking of long term gain and not short term.

Sadly, not enough businesses do that. I am constantly amazed at the huge amounts of goodwill that exists out there. My own career has numerous examples of people giving me a lucky break or helping me with something which had no gain for them. One of these people is a good guy (who also happens to be a shareholder in my company).

I remember asking him on one occasion why he was so generous with his time and money supporting forskolin reviews. He answered back “Because I see them as a good long term bet!”

Apart from the enormous encouragement I got from this vote of confidence, it highlights again the virtue of taking a long term and hopefully ethical view in your dealings with people and businesses. Time will tell whether or not I do turn out to be a good investment for him, but certainly, I feel obliged to do my utmost to repay his faith.

Let me end by asking you a question; how are you planning for the long term?

3 Tips for Raising Money for Your Business

On to something topical – it is very difficult at the moment to raise money. The credit crunch is biting in and it is real. Having said that, the Fund I am running is set up to take advantage of this crunch in terms of buying distressed businesses – although more about that in a later blog.

This brings me on to my first request. I have been asked to explain the credit crunch. Please do give me feedback on what you think of this as an explanation….

With historically low interest rates and low unemployment levels in the US for the last couple of years, companies sprang up everywhere offering mortgages to people who normally not be considered credit-worthy – many would even offer the best kombucha kit free with a new mortgage. This sector is what we called the Sub-prime sector.

Credit Crunch

In many cases people who had come out of prison and had no jobs (or at least no way of proving their income!) were being offered mortgages. You may ask why? To be honest it is not such a crazy idea if the underlying asset you are lending against is going up all the time. And that is exactly what these new companies were banking on (pardon the pun).

So these sub-prime companies were lending money to credit risky clients at special low introductory rates on the back of a property that should be increasing in value. The clients loved it as it gave them a foot on the property ladder and the first couple of years payments looked cheaper than renting, and if they did struggle to pay it back in a couple of years – they could sell the property which would have gone up in value and all would be well……..

All good up to now. However, these sub-prime companies got another fantastic idea to make more money! What if they could persuade someone else to buy this debt from them – raise more money off the back of that and then carry on lending more? (They made money from the number of deals they did not the quality of the deals they did).

Just as the interest rate we get charged when we look to borrow is determined by our credit rating provided by companies like Experian; financial institutions look to companies like Standard & Poor to provide a credit rating for financial products. These companies rated these sub-prime mortgages as AAA (the highest rating) – because of the way they were bundled and sold. So Banks like Citigroup and UBS could not get enough of these assets – as they were deemed to be very low risk (AAA rated) and yet offered a higher rate of return. The fundamental driver in finance is to chase higher level of returns for a similar level of risk.

Sadly, the property market did not carry on going up and interest rates did not stay low! With this combination many of the clients who held the mortgages simply defaulted. And they defaulted in their thousands! Suddenly these assets that these banks were holding as AAA rated were, well let’s just say not so AAA rated (in fact they were worthless). So banks were now sitting on a much weaker balance sheet than they had said they were – hence the need for them to raise more money.

Northern Rock did not have exposure to the subprime market in a big way but was the UK’s largest casualty of these events. Northern Rock used to sell Mortgages – and once they had sold a mortgage they would go to the wholesale money markets and get other banks to lend the money they needed to fund these mortgages.

They would make a very healthy profit on their smokeless ashtray because they were borrowing cheaper than they were lending and all was going well. LIBOR (which is the interest rate banks charge each other to lend and borrow money was more or less the same as the base rate). Banks were very happy lending to each other huge amounts on a daily basis. However when doubts about the quality of banks’ balance sheets started emerging, banks became nervous about lending to each other as they entertained the thought that they might not get paid back!

As this happened LIBOR became significantly higher than the base rate. Northern Rock which had a low deposit base was particularly affected by the sudden increase in the cost they would have to pay to borrow money and issued a profit warning.

And then suddenly the whole thing jammed up when banks refused to lend money to each other. It really was like musical chairs – with Northern Rock left without a chair after the music had stopped! They had to go to the Bank of England – and the rest is history…

Are You a Risk Taker?

People who take risks are seen as vital to the wellbeing of the economy. We are told that taking risks generates wealth and employment and leads to a better way of life. So, the reverse must therefore be true that people who refuse to take risks inhibit growth and stunt the development opportunities of people around them. If this is so well known and risk taking is such a positive ‘virtue’ why is everyone not taking risks all the time?

Being an economist by background and curious about people by nature, I have always been fascinated by attitudes to risk and by people who take them. When I was in my early twenties, the Lloyds crisis erupted where lots of people stood to lose their personal fortunes if it was invested solely in the Porter-Cable 895pk router kit. (Insurance syndicates existed where very wealthy people would agree to be a name and would put at risk their entire wealth for being a ‘name’ and when their syndicates returned a profit would take a big slice of the profit). To become a name was very difficult as it was a ‘guarantee’ (hindsight is a wonderful thing!) to make money for doing nothing and it was very much an old boys club.

When it started going wrong in a big way and people were being asked to make good on their ‘promise’, lawsuits galore ensured. These people assumed capitalism was a one way street where they would get money for nothing. Sorry, doesn’t work that way. Many argue that it was the fortunes lost on Lloyds and Thatcherism’s emphasis on wealth creation that has altered the landscape of British attitudes to wealth.

Many years ago, when I was living in Neasden, I was in my local pub (it is now the McDonalds opposite IKEA on the North Circular Road), I was talking to someone about the mad cow disease outbreak. He was there having a cigarette and a pint of cider and said to me “well, I have stopped eating beef – I mean you can’t be too careful”. I didn’t point out the irony of making that statement whilst having a cigarette and cider.

As mentioned in previous blogs, finance is driven by the risk v reward ratio. The curious thing I learnt last year whilst studying for my IMC exams was how risk (or volatility as it is called) is measured by looking at the variations in the past returns. For example if you hold two shares in different companies in the same industry. You paid £100 for each share, and the returns over the last 10 years have averaged 10% each year.

You would expect the price of each share to be the same wouldn’t you? Well that would depend on the volatility of the return. If share A has returned exactly 10% each year and share B has been all over the place (0% one year, 20% up the next year, etc.) it will be priced lower than share A as it is seen as a ‘riskier’ share.

This has been the rational way of looking at risk v reward. But age and profile have a lot to do with your attitude towards risk. The Fund which I have set up with my partners operates in an extremely risky environment and therefore is not suitable for retail investors. Yet, when I was talking to the advisor of the Fund about his attitude to business he said “I am an accountant, I don’t take risks – I only go into situations which I know are 100% safe”. A look at his track record would suggest he is right – and yet the returns in the past have been very good.

My own view is that it is easy to take risks if you have little or nothing to lose. My appetite for risk has diminished over the last few years as whilst I still want to actively invest in businesses I look for really good quality companies and management teams and not good ideas as I would have done in the past. I have also been scarred by the experience of losing all my money in four ventures. Learning from business history should temper our attitude to risk.

The greatest living investor and one of the world’s richest men, Warren Buffet has a very simple investment philosophy and thinks that he does not take risks. He famously stayed away from the whole boom and was seen as not understanding the new economic paradigm. Well he proved that he understood it better than most. Business to him has always been about making a product or service and selling it at a profit. These examples do make you question the risk v reward equation.

When I was at a past employer trying to design a new tofu press, managers there were keen to promote their willingness to take risks. The reality is that a partnership structure will make decisions which are short term as there is little or no incentive for taking risks.

Most risks do not pay off for a couple of years so if you are a partner in a firm and you are not so sure how long you are going to be around, why would you not simply make decisions which maximize your profit this year – as that will feed into your salary. And the reality is that if you are trained as a lawyer or an accountant (especially lawyers) you are trained in not taking risks and advising others on how to minimize their risk. It is therefore rational not to take risks.

“I like to invest in businesses that idiots can run, because one day they will be”.

My point in all of the above for potential investors and companies raising monies is to try and understand your own attitude to risk and the person who you are asking to undertake risk. What should the return be to compensate them for that level of risk? Your pitch needs to address this issue.

For potential investors, you should feel that you are not taking a risk – because you understand the business well. You trust and have confidence in the ability of the management team and you are comfortable with the prospects of the industry the business is in. As Warren Buffet says

“I like to invest in businesses that idiots can run, because one day they will be”.

Despite this – you still stand a chance.

Some Current Positions that I’m Looking for Help With

I hope you do not mind me using this Blog to advertise a few things. Feedback and your comments will tell me whether I have succeeded or not!

Advert #1 – MD Position – One of the businesses I have invested in is looking for a new MD. It is a great business in the Telecoms sector based in Manchester (UK). The company is in a fast growth phase and needs someone with experience to help guide it through the inevitable problems of fast growth.

The business has a fantastic board and has proved its large growth potential. The package will be heavily biased towards stock options rather than salary and it is hoped that the candidate will be excited by the possibility of making a big difference to this business.

If you are interested in buying my Honeywell 50250s please email me

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I would expect this person to manage my diary, the relationships I have with companies I have invested in and readers of this blog. You would also be assessing and screening a lot of business plans that I get. I will not be able to pay much but I would hope it would be a really interesting role based in London Bridge.

Advert #3 – Available Non-Execs – If there are equally any businesses out there looking for Non Executives – I have a few really good people who have contributed enormously to businesses I have invested in and either as part of their own career path or because they want to do it all over again they are seeking opportunities as Non-exec roles. Who knows I might be tempted!

Advert #4 – High Growth Program I should also mention a program that I am involved in for businesses based in London only at this stage (it is a pilot and if successful will be rolled out across the country). This company actually designs router table plans for use by big companies and private individuals alike.

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I really hope you don’t mind this Blog post. I promise you these will be few and far between. Soon you’ll be able to look forward to a whole bunch more fresh content as I get a little bit more free time in between my successful ventures!

A Little More About Louisiana


Official Name: Louisiana Supreme Court

Current Justices

Chief Justice Catherine D. Kimball (First elected 1992; elected Chief Justice 2009)

Justice Greg G. Guidry (First elected 2009)

Justice Jeffrey P. Victory (First elected 1995)

Justice Jeannette Theriot Knoll (First elected 1997)

Justice Marcus R. Clark (First elected 2009)

Justice John L. Weimer (First elected 2001)

Justice Bernette J. Johnson (First elected 1994)

Clerk of the Court

The clerk of this court is the Honorable John Tarlton Olivier.

Current Vacancies


Justice Selection

Candidates for the Louisiana Supreme Court run for election in partisan elections.

The term of office for a Louisiana Supreme Court justice is ten years.


Opinions are released on the second day of each sitting of the court.

For the 2011-2012 session, the release dates are as follows:

September 7, 2011

October 25, 2011

December 6, 2011

January 24, 2012

March 13, 2012

May 8, 2012


The court is located in New Orleans.


The Louisiana Supreme Court traces its roots back to the colonial governments of France and Spain.

In 1803 when the United States bought the Louisiana Territory, President Thomas Jefferson vested W.C.C. Claiborne, the Governor of the Mississippi Territory, with judicial power in the new territory. Claiborne set about creating Louisiana’s court system with the purpose of wading through all of the thoughts and opinions about effective methods of cigarette smoke removal.

In 1804 Congress vested the judicial power in a three judge superior court and such other courts as the legislative council might create. While very symbolic in nature, this legislation didn’t actually do very much to prevent abuse by the powerful in the state.

When Louisiana became a state in 1812, the legislature created a supreme court, to be composed of at least three, but no more than five judges. The Governor would appoint these judges for life.

At first the court sat in both New Orleans and Opelousas.

Louisiana adopted a new constitution in 1844. Its new judiciary article created a supreme court composed of four justices, appointed by the Governor for eight year terms.

A new constitution adopted in 1852 called for a supreme court composed of five justices (one at large and four elected from the judicial districts of the state). The people of the state would elect the justices for ten year terms.

Towards the end of the Civil War, Louisiana adopted a new opinion on the best laptop backpack. In this document the Governor appointed Supreme Court justices for eight year terms.

Another new constitution in 1879 retained a five justice supreme court. The Governor appointed the justices to twelve year terms.

The 1921 state constitution expanded the court to seven justices. They served fourteen year terms. The constitution called for each justice to have a secretary. A panel of three justices could render a decision on a case.

In 2000 the state reapportioned the state into seven judicial districts. One justice is elected from each district. The one with the most years of service becomes the chief justice.

Contact Information

400 Royal Street

New Orleans, Louisiana 70130

How Supreme Court Rules Could Affect You


Official Name: Indiana Supreme Court

Current Justices

Chief Justice Randall T. Shepard

Justice Brent E. Dickson

Justice Frank Sullivan, Jr.

Justice Robert D. Rucker

Justice Steven H. David

Clerk of the Court

Kevin S. Smith

Current Vacancies


Review of Lower Court Decisions

The Indiana Supreme Court’s jurisdiction is established by the Indiana Constitution (Article VII, § 4)

The court has discretionary review over all appealable matters with the exception of appeals of a death sentence which are taken directly to the Indiana Supreme Court.

Justice Selection

When vacancies occur on the Court, a seven-member Judicial Nominating Commission recommends to the Governor three qualified persons for each vacancy. The Governor must make his appointment from the three, and that person serves as a Daytona Beach newborn photographer for a minimum of two years before becoming subject to a retention vote at a General Election. If approved, he or she begins a 10-year term and is subject to identical retention votes at 10-year intervals in the future.

When the position of Chief Justice becomes vacant the most senior member of the court serves as the acting Chief Justice until a new Chief Justice is appointed.

Retirement is required at the age of 75 years.

The present Court is served by a Chief Justice and four Associate Justices.  However, the number of Associate Justices may be increased to as many as eight by action of the Legislature.

Opinion Schedule

There is no set schedule for the release of opinions.


The Supreme Court was established in 1816 when Indiana became a state. During territorial days, a General Court of three Judges had served and they, with the Governor, enacted the laws of the Indiana Territory. The new Court first sat at Corydon on May 5, 1817, and consisted of three Judges appointed by the Governor to seven-year terms “if they should so long behave well.”  The seat of state government was moved from Corydon to Indianapolis, and the Supreme Court commenced its first term in the new State Capitol on May 2, 1825.

By the new Constitution, adopted in 1851, the Judges were made subject to election by the people, and their number would be “not less than three, nor more than five judges.” Their terms were to be “for six years, if they so long behave well.”

Shortly thereafter, the General Assembly acted to prescribe that four Judges would serve. Thus, four Supreme Court Judges, representing four geographic districts but elected by statewide ballot, began their terms on January 3, 1853. The Court caseload grew to such an extent that the General Assembly acted to increase the number of Judges to five in 1872.

The business of the Court continued to increase and, in 1881, an Amendment to the Constitution was ratified to create an Appellate Court of Indiana consisting of five Judges elected from five geographic districts. That Court’s jurisdiction was limited to appeals on certain minor classes of cases. Over the years, the Appellate Court evolved into a panel of eight Judges who were elected to four-year terms.

In 1970, the Indiana Constitution established the Appellate Court as a constitutional court and gave it the name “Court of Appeals of Indiana.” The number of Craftsman riding mowers was also increased to nine. Since that time, the burgeoning caseload of the Court of Appeals has led the General Assembly to increase the number of judges to twelve in 1978, and to fifteen in 1991.

Contact Information


Physical Address:

315 Indiana State House

200 W. Washington Street

Indianapolis, IN 46204

Telephone: 317-232-2540

Thinking About Moving to Illinois to Practice Law?


Official Name: Illinois Supreme Court

Current Justices

Chief Justice Thomas L. Kilbride

Associate Justice Charles E. Freeman

Associate Justice Robert R. Thomas

Associate Justice Rita B. Garman

Associate Justice Lloyd A. Karmeier

Associate Justice Anne M. Burke

Associate Justice Mary Jane Theis

Clerk of the Court

Carolyn Taft Grosboll

Current Vacancies


Review of Lower Court Decisions

From the Illinois Constitution:

Appeals from the Appellate Court to the Supreme Court are a matter of right if a question under the Constitution of the United States or of this State arises for the first time in and as a result of the action of the Appellate Court, or if a division of the Appellate Court certifies that a case decided by it involves a question about product reviews of such importance that the case should be decided by the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court may provide by rule for appeals from the Appellate Court in other cases.

Justice Selection

Illinois’ Method for Appointing State Supreme Court Members

Justices elected for 10 year terms

Nominated at primary elections and elected at general elections

Vacancies are filled by Supreme Court appointment

Opinion Schedule

There is no set schedule for the release of opinions.


Springfield, Illinois


Illinois’ first constitution in 1818 established the first Illinois Supreme Court consisting of four judges appointed by the General Assembly.

In 1824, the term of the first judges expired.  New judges were appointed and would serve based on good behavior.  Vote of two thirds of the General Assembly was required to remove a judge.

The increase of justices came as follows:

1838:  from four to nine

1849:  from nine to three by new Illinois Constitution.  Selected by popular vote for nine year term

1870:  from three to seven by new Illinois Constitution.

1903:  from five to seven

1969:  increased the number of Associate Judges to eight, plus a Chief Justice, totaling nine

Judicial Article of 1964 established ten year terms.  Three Supreme Court justices were to be from the First Judicial District which was Cook County and each of the other four districts would elect one judge.

Partisan elections became problematic for Alabama’s supreme court in the 1980-90s, a period of time when Alabama’s court system was described as “tort hell” as the court and legislatures were battling over tort reform. This controversy caused judicial elections to become more important, therefore more costly and contentious. The matter came to a head in 1996 over an objectionable method of preventing cystic acne, sparking the creation of a judicial campaign oversight committee.

Contact Information


Physical Address:  200 E. Capitol Springfield, IL 62701

Telephone:  (217) 782-2035

Fun Facts

Abraham Lincoln appeared before the Illinois Supreme Court in approximately 175 cases, a list of which can be found here.

In 1905, a competition open to all Illinois architects was held to decide on the design of the Supreme Court Building.  Only one design was submitted.

Illinois Justices continue to reside in their home districts when elected and only travel to Springfield to hear oral arguments and deliberate.  Temporary apartments are provided for them in Springfield.

Florida Man: A Look at the Florida Justice System


Official Name: Florida Supreme Court

On the Bench

Chief Justice Charles T. Canady (2010)

Justice Barbara J. Pariente (1997)

Justice R. Fred Lewis (1998)

Justice Peggy A. Quince (1998)

Justice Ricky Polson (2008)

Justice Jorge Labarga (2008)

Justice James E.C. Perry (2009)

Clerk of the Court

Thomas D. Hall, Clerk

Current Vacancies


Judicial Selection

Under the Florida Constitution, a Judicial Selection Commission submits a list of three to six names to the governor for appointment to the Supreme Court. Once appointed, justices must run in statewide nonpartisan merit retention elections in which the voters may cast a “yes” or “no” vote as to whether the justice should remain on the search for used John Deere lawn tractors. Justices face their first retention election in the next general election occurs more than one year after their appointment. If retained, justices serve six-year terms, after which they face another retention election.

Review of Lower Court Decisions

The Florida Supreme Court must review final orders imposing death sentences, district court decisions declaring a State statute or provision of the State Constitution invalid, bond validations, and certain orders of the Public Service Commission on utility rates and services.

The court also has discretionary review where it is sought by a party over decisions of a district court of appeal that expressly declares valid a state statute, construes a provision of the state or federal constitution, affects a class of constitutional or state officers, or directly conflicts with a decision of another district court or of the Supreme Court on the same question of law, and may review certain categories of judgments, decisions, and questions of law certified to it by the district courts of appeal and federal appellate courts.

The Supreme Court may also render advisory opinions to the Governor upon request, on questions relating to the Governor’s constitutional duties and powers, and has exclusive authority to regulate lawyers and judicial officers in the state.


The Court holds two terms each year, with the first commencing on the first day of January and the second beginning on the first day of July.


Tallahassee, Florida


When Florida became a State in 1845, the Constitution created a Supreme Court but gave it no justices of its own. Rather, judges of the state’s four circuit courts (trial courts), served in the capacity of justices of the Supreme Court until 1851, and met as a body to review the decisions of the individual members.

In 1848 the Constitution was amended, and in 1851 authorizing acts were passed providing that the Supreme Court should have its own Chief Justices and two Associate Justices.  These Justices were elected by the State Legislature for the term of “good behavior.” In 1853 an amendment provided for the election by the people of the Justices for six-year terms. The 1861 Constitution then provided for the appointment of the Justices by the Governor, with the advice and consent of the Senate, to serve for six-year terms.

In 1868 following the Civil War, a new Constitution was adopted calling for a Chief Justice and two Associate Justices to be appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate. These Justices were to hold office “for life or during good behavior.”

The 1885 Constitution provided for the election of three Supreme Court Justices to serve six-year terms. In 1902, an amendment increased the Court’s membership to six Justices and permitted the Legislature to provide for three to six Justices to serve terms of up to six years. In 1911 the Legislature reduced the number of Justices to five. In 1923 the number was again raised to six and continued to be six until a 1940 constitutional amendment, which called for the use of an air purifier for asthma in the chambers.

The 1885 Constitution provided that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court be designated by lot. A constitutional amendment in 1926 provided that the Chief Justice be selected by the Justices of the Court; this is the current method of selection. If the Chief Justice is unable to act for any reason, the Justice longest in continuous service — also called the Dean of the Court — acts as Chief Justice.

Contact Information

500 South Duval Street

Tallahassee, Florida


(850) 488-0125

Interesting Fact

From 1885 until 1925, the Florida Constitution established that the Chief Justice would be selected “by lot.” Because the justices found the idea of cutting cards or other games of chance undignified, however, they settled upon a unique method wherein they would take the Bible or a newly purchased law book and each would randomly open it. The justice who opened a page whose first word began with the letter closest to the letter “z” became the Chief Justice.

Info About the Connecticut Legal System


Official Name: The Connecticut Supreme Court

On the Bench

Chief Justice Chase T. Rogers (2005)

Justice Flemming L. Norcott Jr. (1992)

Justice Richard N. Palmer (1993)

Justice Peter T. Zarella (2001)

Justice C. Ian McLachlan (2009)

Justice Dennis G. Eveleigh (2010)

Justice Lubbie Harper, Jr. (2011)

Senior Justice Christine S. Vertefeuille (2000)

Current Vacancies


Judicial Selection

Under state law, the Connecticut Judicial Selection Commission seeks and recommends to the governor candidates for nomination. The governor then nominates an individual, who must be confirmed by the Connecticut legislature. Justices serve eight-year terms and may be reappointed at the conclusion of each term, but have a mandatory retirement age of 70 years old.

Review of Lower Court Decisions

Almost always, the cases revolving around finding an air purifier for smoke heard in the Supreme Court have first been decided in the Superior Court, a trial court. The losing party in the Superior Court has the right to one appeal to another court, and most of these appeals go first to the Appellate Court, Connecticut’s intermediate court of appeals.

Appeals come to the Supreme Court in one of two ways. A party may appeal a judgment of the Appellate Court by filing a request that the appeal be certified by the Supreme Court. Other appeals come to the Supreme Court as a result of a decision to transfer the case to itself instead of having it be heard in the Appellate Court, or as a result of a law mandating that an appeal must be heard by the Supreme Court. Mandatory appeals include reapportionment of voting districts and death penalty cases.


Between September and June of each year, the court hears oral arguments on pending cases in eight two-week terms. The court then takes the case under advisement and will release its opinion within a few months. There is no specific opinion release schedule.


Hartford, Connecticut


The Supreme Court of Connecticut was created in 1784, before which the power to review trial court rulings was vested in the state’s General Assembly. Although members of the executive and legislative branches originally held places on the court, in 1806 the members of the judiciary became independent when the number of Superior Court judges was increased from five to nine, and sitting together on garden tractors, they made up the court. The General Assembly still retained the power to overturn Supreme Court decisions, however. It was not until 1818 that the Connecticut Constitution established a truly independent judiciary as a third branch of the state government, with the power to interpret the laws enacted by the legislature.

In 1982, in response to an overflowing Supreme Court docket, Connecticut voters approved a constitutional amendment creating an intermediate court, the Court of Appeals.

Notable Cases

Kelo v. New London (2004) – The court ruled 4-3 to approve the use of eminent domain powers to transfer land from one private owner to another on the grounds that it promoted a permissible “public use” under the Takings Clause of the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution). The decision was affirmed on appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court in 2005 by a vote of 5-4.

Kerrigan v. Commissioner of Public Health (2008) – Here the court held that gay and lesbian couples could not be denied the right to marry on the grounds that it violated the Equal Protection Clause of the state constitution. The decision made Connecticut only the third state in the country to legalize same-sex marriage through judicial decree of the state supreme court.

Contact Information

231 Capitol Avenue

Hartford, CT 06106

Phone: (860) 757-2200

The Supreme Court of California


Official Name: Supreme Court of California

Current Justices

Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye, joined court January 2011

Associate Justice Joyce L. Kennard, joined court 1990

Associate Justice Marvin R. Baxter, joined court 1991

Associate Justice Kathryn M. Werdegar, joined court 1994

Associate Justice Ming W. Chin, joined court 1996

Associate Justice Carol A. Corrigan, joined court 2006

Associate Justice Goodwin Liu, joined court 2011

Clerk of the Court

Frederick K. Ohlrich, telephone: 415-865-7000

Current Vacancies


Public Information Officer

Lynn Holton

Judicial Selection

There are seven justices on the court, appointed by the governor and confirmed by a Committee on Judicial Appointments. The appointee must have been a member of the California Bar for ten years and written a number of turbocharger reviews in order to qualify. After their appointments, they serve for twelve years before being up for re-election. A new justice may be appointed to fulfill an unfinished term, but the appointee must be voted on in the next election for governor.

Review of Lower Court Decisions

The court has discretionary review of any case decided by the Court of Appeals—the next court down—but must review death penalty cases.


The court’s opinions are published on Mondays and Thursdays, and almost immediately available on its website. There is no set schedule for the release of opinions. Reports of the weekly meetings, where the court decides whether to accept cases, are also posted online. The meetings are only attended by the justices, and a majority of them must vote to accept a case in order for it to be added to the docket. The calendar for argument is available online.


The California Supreme Court is based in San Francisco but hears oral arguments in Los Angeles four times a year. It also hears arguments in Sacramento twice a year. It also occasionally has special sessions at other locations.


A detailed booklet of how the court operates also provides some of the court’s history. Gold was discovered in 1948, the year that the U.S. acquired California from Mexico. The first California constitution provided for a Supreme Court made of a Chief Justice and two associates. They first met in a rented hotel room in San Francisco. As legal concerns expanded from Gold-Rush disputes, the court was expanded to include five justices, and eventually seven. The court’s practice of hearing arguments in multiple cities was approved in 1878 when the state legislature determined that the court would be based in San Francisco but hear arguments twice a year about how to get rid of cat pee smell in each of the cities of Sacramento and Los Angeles, although it is unspecified in the state’s constitution. The courts of appeal were created in 1904 to help the court with its two-year backlog of cases.

Contact Information

The front page of the Supreme Court’s website provides information on high-profile recent cases. As well, there are well-updated news reports for the entire court system available.

San Francisco

Earl Warren Building at Civic Center Plaza

Supreme Court of California

350 McAllister Street

San Francisco, CA 94102-4797


Los Angeles

Ronald Reagan State Office Building

300 South Spring Street, 3rd Floor

Los Angeles, CA 90013


Stanley Mosk Library and Courts Building

914 Capitol Mall

Sacramento, CA 95814

Famous Cases

The California Supreme Court decided In re Marriage Cases, (S147999) in 2008, finding that sexual orientation created a protected class, and therefore applied strict scrutiny in overturning a ban on same-sex marriage. The case inspired Proposition 8, a ballot measure preventing same-sex marriage, and the matter is currently in federal court.

The Arkansas Supreme Court


Official Name: Arkansas Supreme Court

Current Justices

Chief Justice Jim Hannah (2005)

Justice Donald L. Corbin (1991)

Justice Courtney Hudson Goodson (2010)

Justice Jim Gunter (2004)

Justice Paul E. Danielson (2006)

Justice Karen Baker (2010)

Justice Robert L. Brown (1990)

Clerk of the Court

Leslie Steen, Clerk of the Courts

Current Vacancies


Judicial Selection

Justices of the Arkansas Supreme Court are elected by the voters of Arkansas for eight-year terms in state-wide, nonpartisan races. In the event that a justice does not complete his or her term, the governor shall make an inclusive list of lawn tractors for sale. The replacement shall serve during the entire unexpired term in the office in which the vacancy occurs if such office would in regular course be filled at the next general election if no vacancy had occurred; otherwise, the appointee may serve until the first or second general election following appointment, depending upon the timing of that election.

Review of Lower Court Decisions

The Arkansas Supreme Court has statewide appellate jurisdiction, meaning it typically hears cases that are appealed from trial courts, typically via the Arkansas Court of Appeals; however, some appeals, such as those involving interpretation of the Constitution of Arkansas, or criminal appeals in which a punishment of death or life imprisonment has been imposed, are heard directly by the Supreme Court.

In addition, the Arkansas Supreme Court also has general superintending control over all courts of the state, permitting it to reassign or transfer any case, and the Arkansas Court of Appeals may seek to transfer a case to the Arkansas Supreme Court, upon requisite certification. Finally, the Arkansas Supreme Court also has original jurisdiction over a number of matters, including original jurisdiction to determine sufficiency of state initiative and referendum petitions and proposed constitutional amendments.

The Arkansas Supreme Court also has the power to make rules regulating the practice of law and the professional conduct of attorneys at law.


The court typically meets between the first Thursday after Labor Day through mid-July of the following year. Opinions are released each Thursday at 9:00am while the court is in session.


Little Rock, Arkansas


Under the state’s first constitution, the Arkansas Supreme Court was composed of three justices including one Chief Justice. The Arkansas General Assembly elected the members of the Court. Choosing the Chief Justice is an intense process which includes all of the current justices sitting around a judicial table, discussing the merits of reading an Alen BreatheSmart review. Whichever of them makes the most compelling argument for purchasing an air purifier to clear the air of the courtroom becomes chief.

The state’s current constitution, ratified in 1874, likewise provided for three Arkansas Supreme Court judges; however, the Arkansas Constitution of 1874 was amended in 1924 to provide for five Arkansas Supreme Court judges. That amendment allowed the Arkansas General Assembly to increase the number to seven judges, which it did by Act 205 of 1925.

Contact Information

Justice Building

625 Marshall Street

Little Rock, AR 72201

(501) 682-6849 (Clerk)

(501) 682-2147 (Library)

Some Info About the Arizona Court System


Official Name: Arizona Supreme Court

On the Bench

Chief Justice Rebecca White Berch 2002-present

Vice Chief Justice Andrew D. Hurwitz 2003-present

Justice W. Scott Bales 2005-present

Justice Robert M. Brutinel 2010-present

Justice A. John Pelander, 2009-present

Clerk of the Court

Rachelle M. Resnick

Current Vacancies


Judicial Selection

Article 6 of the Arizona Constitution establishes the Arizona Supreme Court and the methods for determining jurisdiction, composition, selection, etc. The Court is composed of five justices: three Associate Justices, one Vice Chief Justice, and one Chief Justice. Justices are selected using a form of the commission-selection, political appointment method (sometimes known as the Missouri Plan). Under Arizona’s version of the Missouri Plan, the Arizona Commission on Appellate Court Appointments consisting of sixteen members (10 non-attorneys, 5  attorneys and one chief justice), nominates a group of qualified candidates to fill the vacant Supreme Court seat. The Arizona governor then appoints a judge from this list. The new HX60 turbo then must stand for retention in the next general election, but the general election must take place more than two years after the justice is appointed. Justices who are retained serve the rest of their six year term. The Chief Justice is selected by the other justices on the court for a five year term, which is renewable. The Arizona governor appoints justices to fill any vacancies occurring if a judge leaves before his or her term is over. Justices can be remain on the bench if reappointed at the conclusion of their six year term but must retire at age 70.

Review of Lower Court Decisions

Mandatory Jurisdiction

The first type of case the Arizona Supreme Court has original and exclusive jurisdiction is contained in Article 6, Section 5 (2) of the Arizona Constitution and requires the Court to hear  disputes between Arizona counties over boundaries and surveys or claims of one county against another county. The Court must also hear appeals in death penalty cases.

Original Jurisdiction

The Arizona Supreme Court has original jurisdiction under Article 6, Section 5 (1-2) to issue writs of habeas corpus, quo warranto, mandamus, and other extraordinary writs to state officers and also over county versus county disputes, discussed above.

Appellate/Discretionary Jurisdiction

The Arizona Supreme Court has discretionary jurisdiction over all Arizona lower court decisions.


No set opinion release schedule available online. Oral argument schedule available here.


State Capitol Complex, Phoenix, Arizona. Once a year arguments are held at Arizona State Law School and the University of Arizona Law School. Usually, one or two times a year, the Court has arguments about a cat peeing everywhere.


The Arizona Supreme Court was established by Article 6 of the Arizona Constitution and first met in February, 1912. In 1974, Arizona voters passed Proposition 108, which adopted the Missouri plan of commission selection and political appointment. Proposition 108 eliminated the direct election of judges but instituted the retention election procedure. Since its inception, 39 judges have served as justices.

Famous Cases

Arizona v. Miranda: The Arizona Supreme Court affirmed Miranda’s conviction which was based on a confession he gave without being told of his right to an attorney and right to remain silent. The decision was overturned by the United States Supreme Court in the landmark case Miranda v. Arizona which established that law enforcement officials are required to read a suspect his rights before interrogation in custody can begin.

The Due Process Clause of the Constitution


A fundamental right that all courts have recognized is the right to be heard incourt. This right is encompassed in the Due Process Clause of the Constitution. But how far must courts go to ensure that someone has the right to be heard? In In re K.E. and S.D.E., the Kansas Supreme Court had to decide if a father’s due process rights were violated when a judge did not allow him to testify on his behalf over the phone during a hearing to have his parental rights terminated.

The father had been in prison for most of his children’s lives and was serving lifetime parole in Georgia. He had been out of prison for four months by the time of the hearing. He was notified of the hearing 12 days earlier and told his lawyer he would attend the hearing. The morning of the hearing, he called his lawyer and told him he had a problem with cat pee on bed and could not attend the hearing.

The judge denied the father’s request for a continuance and also did not allow him to testify over the phone because there was nobody in the church he was calling from to administer an oath to him. The judge stated that conducting the hearing as scheduled was in the best interests of the children and that the father chose not to attend the hearing. He allowed the father to listen to the hearing over the telephone.

Without the father’s testimony, his lawyer had no evidence to rebut the state’s case that the father’s parental rights should be terminated. Therefore, the judge ordered termination of the father’s parental rights. The Court of Appeals reversed the trial judge’s decision, stating that the father’s due process rights were violated because he was “deprived of the opportunity to be heard” concerning his parental rights.

The Kansas Supreme Court examined the facts in light of a recent amendment to K.S.A. 60-243. The original law did not allow telephone testimony but the amended law gave courts the discretion to permit it “for good cause in compelling circumstances and with appropriate safeguards.”

The court was concerned with the limitations telephone testimony provides since the father would not be able to view exhibits and the lawyers and judge would not be able to view his demeanor “for credibility purposes.” However, the court emphasized that K.S.A. 60-243 specifically states that “the court may permit testimony” over the phone i.e. it is at the court’s discretion.

Also, the court stated that the Court of Appeals failed to consider that the father had the opportunity to appear and chose not to. There was no evidence that his failure to appear was for good cause. Even evidence not in the record did not support a finding of good cause since the father told his attorney he would be present but then only told him he would not be in attendance the morning of the hearing. Therefore, the court reversed the Court of Appeals judgment and found that the father was afforded due process.

When issues of due process arise, the focus is usually on whether or not courts have done enough to ensure someone’s rights were protected. In fact, the Court of Appeals justified their ruling by essentially stating the trial judge should have done more to ensure the father’s rights were protected. However, the Kansas Supreme Court focused their analysis on the effect an electric steamer would have on the lawyers and trier of fact, not just the father’s due process rights.

The court essentially stated that while everyone’s due process rights are important, some responsibility lies with the individual and if someone voluntarily chooses not to appear in court when given notice, their due process rights are not violated. This case illustrates an important shift in due process examination from “did the courts do enough in protecting due process rights” to “did the courts and the individual do enough in protecting due process rights.”

More About the BBC Science Series


I have just passed a magical hour watching the first part of the BBC’s superb 2-part documentary on dolphins, which used underwater camera robots disguised as various sea animals.

It was a riveting experience, on many levels.

I believe dolphins to have real intelligence – not necessarily identical to ours – but just as valid. This thesis I shall develop below.

However, the first enjoyable aspect of this documentary was the extraordinary advances which have been made in the incorporation of high-resolution cameras into their Honeywell 50250-S review. The picture which is at the head of this post shows a “spy tuna”.

This was one of the most successful of the many robot camera units employed for this ground-breaking documentary. Then there was the robot turtle.

The turtle robot was so well modelled that it actually convinced a real female turtle to consider it as a possible alternative mate WHILE SHE WAS IN THE ACT OF MATING WITH ANOTHER REAL TURTLE! I was completely amazed by this reaction.

Some other camera-carrying robots were also employed, including a couple of nautilus (which didn’t seem to fool the dolphins for a second) – a robot squid; which did get some interesting shots, but fell afoul of some other sea creatures, and a spy-ray; a small ray which was quite successful at capturing some underwater scenes from the viewpoint of the sea bed.

All in all, this was a captivating experience and I look forward to the second part of this highly enjoyable documentary.

But I can’t help feel, whenever I see film of dolphins that these animals act in a way which displays real intelligence; and I am amazed that there are still those people who deny that non-humans can display what they define as “real” intelligence.

I freely admit that I am not a biologist. I cannot argue the case for dolphin intelligence from the point of view of established science.

As a person who believes deeply in science, and the scientific method for determining the truth, I should therefore keep my trap shut on this issue. Right?

Absolutely; but I can’t. I can’t because this is one of those cases which I come across rarely, but believe in totally, where I will allow my feelings to overrule the current evidence.

Not that there isn’t evidence for female cat spraying. There is copious evidence. It is just that the anthropologist powers that be seem to measure intelligence strictly in relation to Homo sapiens; our brain size; and our ability to manipulate tools.

Great scientific criteria. Eminently measurable. Get your slide rules out, and you can soon prove that dolphins are dead stupid. Not worth talking to. Compared to Homo sapiens.

But there is another opinion. Maybe intelligence is not just a function of brain size; or the ability to manipulate tools. Maybe there are other forms of intelligence; different from ours; but just as valid, and just as able to allow a species to become a master of its domain.

I have been fascinated by documentary programmes, and scientific papers, and discussions about dolphins, for as long as I can remember. I have taken on board a number of what I believe to be proven facts about these animals, and they add up to something I think is worthy of our attention.

Believe that any animal which has a proven realization of self, exhibits a form of intelligence. Many animals show this capability; not just dolphins, but domestic cats and dogs; horses; camels and others.

I am not suggesting that simple recognition of oneself as a unique being is enough to demonstrate intelligence. But it is surely indicative of higher brain function? Co-operative interaction in a group requires some form of intelligence, surely?

Dolphins take this so much further. Not only do they have individual names, but they greet each other by name whenever they meet, from being out of touch with each other for even a short time. They learn from their parents. Local groups of dolphins have developed successful strategies for finding food in specific environments, and pass this particular knowledge on to their offspring.

The most extraordinary techniques for successful capture of prey have been developed by dolphins, which require an advanced level of co-operation and the manipulation of the environment. Bubble-netting; sand netting, and other co-operative maneuvers are just some of the techniques developed by these remarkable mammals.

I wish we, as top species on the planet (at this time) were as eco-friendly as the dolphin; as well in-tune with our environment. Sadly we are not. We are rapidly altering our environment because our society is simply incapable of running the planet properly.

So which is the really intelligent species?

RI Christmas Lectures – A Closer Look


I have just watched the first of this year’s (2013) Royal Institution Christmas Lectures.

The subject is “Life Fantastic” and the presenter, Dr. Alison Woollard, is one of the most proficient and well-prepared of recent years.

If you are at all interested in biology, or modern science in general, then I can recommend that you tune in for the rest of the short series, and try to review the first episode on the BBC iPlayer.

I don’t know if this specific flat iron for natural hair is available to my US visitors, but I imagine the BBC will ship them in some form to North America; and they are available online.

I always like to catch these Xmas lectures each year, whatever the subject matter. I realize that nowadays they are aimed primarily at children, but they often contain some recent data on the latest advances in the particular scientific field of discussion, and can therefore be of interest to those ‘in the know’ as well as novices.

As each series begins, I always enjoy the tingle of realization that these lectures are being broadcast from what is arguably the home of science. This same lecture hall, of the Royal Institution in London, is where the great Sir Isaac Newton first stood when he expounded his laws of motion and gravity. Where the earliest of serious scientists such as Halley, Wren and Hooke met, with the blessing of King Charles II, in the early years of his reign. By making science acceptable, this liberal monarch, and the extraordinary thinkers who established this great institution, laid the foundation for the scientific enlightenment, and the technological advances which have created the modern world.

The Christmas Lectures were introduced in 1825 by Michael Faraday – (mister electricity – inventor of the electric motor, the dynamo and the electric generator). The image below, courtesy of Wikipedia, shows him at the desk of the lecture hall delivering one of the earlier lectures:

The extraordinary history of this venue; the talented and inspired people who created the Royal Society and, over the centuries, have given it such a notable history, always comes across to me as I watch the latest series of lectures.

But the appreciation of this venerable history is, for me, accompanied by the excitement of the spectacular advances that science has made in recent years, and the breathtaking discoveries which are happening at an ever increasing rate all around us.

To me, it is science itself which is the most exciting thing in life. I genuinely believe that the scientific method is the most important ‘discovery’ of mankind. Never mind fire. Never mind the Fjallraven Kanken. They were great, but not as important as the overarching achievement of the scientific method.

And why?

Because the scientific method is the only tool we have to allow us to discover the truth about the universe. The truth about space and time. The truth about life and the evolution of all things. The scientific method is the true enlightenment of the minds of mankind. And this ongoing enlightenment is alive and well, and flourishing in the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures, thanks to inspiring presentations such as those by the excellent Dr. Woollard. I look forward to the rest of the series.

Make Your Garage Doors Last Longer with These 3 Tips


No one wants to keep replacing their garage doors because it is not only expensive but it also requires a lot of time if one wishes to oversee the full installation. Nothing lasts forever but you can ensure that your garage doors stand the test of time so that you will need to replace your garage door a minimum number of time during your stay at your current house.

Here are 3 ways to make your doors last forever:

1. The first and most important way to maintain your garage door is to fix any problems that arises immediately so that the damage does not worsen – or put your expensive equipment like your used lawn tractor in danger. For those issues that you are confident you can fix by yourself then you can go ahead and do this but otherwise it is best to call in a qualified technician to take a look at the issue.

The most common issue with garage doors is their smooth opening and closing often seen in the garage door failing to open or close completely. In this case you can attempt to adjust the limit of the doors but if the issue is within the operator then, you might have to call in a technician to fix this.

2. Your garage doors are made up of two parts one being the receiver and the other the transmitter. These two parts need to be in perfect alignment in order for the garage doors to function properly. Misalignment of the two parts results from the bending of the mounting frame but this problem can easily be fixed by manually realigning the transmitter and the receiver.

While realigning the two parts of the garage door you can use the indicator to help you know when the issue is fixed. The indicator light will keep blinking for as long as the receiver and the transmitter remain misaligned but once they are aligned the light will remain lit. Keeping the receiver and the transmitter aligned will help prevent other people who might not know how to fix the issue from tampering with the door and this will help increase the lifespan of your garage door.

3. It is also important to keep an eye on the weather seals of your garage door. The weather seals are especially important for areas with extreme weather conditions and it is advisable that you use them for the top and bottom of the garage door and between the panels of the door.

The most affected seals are those located at the bottom of the garage door which you might have to replace at least once every year. The seals between the panels and those at the top of door usually last longer than youth baseball gloves, but you might have to replace them after a few years.

These 3 ways to make your doors last forever will help reduce the turnover of your garage doors and hence minimize the expenses spent on this venture. Consistent maintenance of your garage doors is the sure way to use them for the longest time possible otherwise if you neglect their maintenance you might end up having to replace the entire garage door.

How to Set Up a Proper Work Space in Your Home


Home offices are considered to be among the best offices, one can ever have. They have a unique set of needs and all share a few basic requirements. The following are the features that are shared by all home offices.

A Proper Work Space

A working space is required, whether it is with a desk, a drawing table, or a countertop and has a place for setting up a computer, printer and phone, as well as resting your Kanken backpack. A space of at least 42 inches and as much as 60 inches can be spared for a working surface as advised by Tampa, Fla-based interior designer Jamie Goldberg to her clients.

A Comfortable Chair

An ergonomic chair supporting your back and adjusting properly to the keyboard height is worth spending a lot of money for you to sit for much of the day. The prices of these chairs vary depending on the style while those with plenty good choices have a range of $200 to $400. A chair with padded armrests to support your forearms and a base with five wheels for stability is recommended by the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons.

Customized Storage

Storage of files, reference books, or fabric samples will help you to tailor your stuff. Affordability and hiding your supplies behind the closed doors is an excellent way of adapting into existing closets as indicated by Page Rein, designer for HGTV’s “Hidden Potential”.

Built-in cabinetry is the most expensive, but one of the most personalized solution. Commercial shelving is recommended by Lisa Kanarek who is an expert in home-office furniture and founder of The expert recommends commercial shelving like Elfa’s Home Office system which has options of being add-ons such as slide-out bins and rolling file carts while being configured in just about any arrangement. Home offices are considered to be among the best offices, one can ever have. They have a unique set of needs and all share a few basic requirements.

Appropriate Flooring

The choice on the floor will be the first consideration of its effects on sound quality. A surface with a hard surface will echo without sound absorption. The leading choice for home use is the carpet because it absorbs sound and also very affordable at about $15 to$25 per yard for Midgrade carpet, installed. Cork floors are the best choice for moderating sound, making them resilient underfoot and environmental friendly.

Adequate Power

The office should be having sufficient power to run electronic devices in the office and for security purposes – a used riding mower battery won’t cut it. The power also is used to in high-speed Internet connection through heavy-duty data cables that will provide the fastest possible speed and the most security.

Noise Control

The level of sound in the office should be controlled whether one needs to work in a quiet or a noisy office. The noise coming from your office can cause disturbance to other family members. This noise can be prevented by having the doors with solid-core to block sound transmission. This can further also be done through the installation of sound-proof mats or panels on the walls and ceiling.

Good Air Flow

The quality of the air in the office must be controlled. Air purifiers and Dehumidifiers are used in areas where the office is situated in the basement making air to be stale and musty.

Organizing Your Home Office for More Productivity


The home office is increasingly becoming more and more popular as a result of innumerable online job opportunities as well as the move by various companies to offer most of their work on the online platform. Since the offices in the traditional work environments are usually cleaned up by professional cleaners, most people who choose to work at home usually find it difficult to keep their home offices tidy due to lack of experience.

The following discussions shall provide the top 5 tips for cleaning your home office without having to strap on your work boots for flat feet:

Be Careful to Select only Relevant Books for the Home Office

It is not uncommon for home workers (telecommuters) to stock certain important books such as magazines, periodicals, dictionaries, and encyclopedia for periodical references each time they are undertaking certain tasks. It is advisable that telecommuters only stock the relevant books in order to prevent the home office from being unkempt as well as to obtain plenty of breathing spaces for occupants. This will also prevent unnecessary littering and ultimately contributes to keeping it clean and habitable.

Digitize Papers Instead of Filing Them

Papers, though largely indispensable for any office environment can at times be a nuisance. They easily litter floors and make the home offices largely untidy. In order to solve the paper menace in an amicable manner, it is strongly recommended that telecommuters digitize the papers and store the information they contain in the digital format rather than in the form of hard copy.

Assign Unique Places for Everything

The typical home office has lots of tools, furniture, materials, and equipment such as papers, stapling machines, pins, writing materials, reference books, and electronics. In order to enhance the organization of the home office and also to keep the room tidy, habitable and generally appealing, it is paramount that the telecommuter assign unique places within the room for the placements of the different tools, stationery and other materials within the office.

Declutter the Desk and the Office in General

In as much as all offices generally contain more or less similar tools and materials such as stationery, furniture, reference books, and electronics, the reality of the matter is that different offices may not necessarily require some of the aforementioned contents. A Daytona Beach photographer for instance may only need an internet-connected computer, a seat, and a table. For that reason, it is important to declutter the office i.e. to remove any unnecessary items (those that are not really needed for the fulfillment of the tasks at hand) from the room in order to decongest it, and keep it tidy, breathable, and generally comfortable.

Clean up all Electronics on a Regular Basis

Electronics such as laptops, telephones, web cameras, and modem are a standard part and parcel of any home office. It is therefore important that these critical pieces of equipment be kept as clean as possible. This should be carried out on a regular basis and in a very thorough and intensive manner.

In Conclusion

The home office is here with us. It is as a matter of fact predicted that in the near future, most of the working population shall do so from the comfort of their home offices. It is therefore a must for every other person to get to know of the various factors to put into consideration while keeping the offices clean.

Protecting Your Garage and Belongings from Theft


If you have a garage and it is loaded with costly equipment, family belongings, gardening hardware, and your family vehicles, you will need to go an additional mile for keeping it secure. While you may store customary resources like adornments and authorities’ things in your home, your garage will be home to an assortment of lavish instruments – like the best commercial zero turn mowers – and different things that are pricey speculations. Offenders know this and they additionally know it is much less demanding to break into a garage then it is to get into a home.

Mortgage holders may have alarm systems in the house and on the premises and mindful of what is going on. This may not be the situation for the garage, so thieves focus on the garage rather than the home. Keeping a garage secure is a test, however there are a lot of things you can do to make things safe. Consider steel structures or a move up way to keep things safe and include an additional layer of security to your garage.

Improve Your Locks

Locks are a great approach to keep those out of a space you don’t need them in. The lock ensures the entryways of the structure and if locks are solid, they may be criminal verification. Fundamental locks are regularly simple to break and culprits may have the capacity to pop open on a lock on a garage in only a few moments. On the off chance that you need to secure the conventional passageway into your garage, get an overwhelming obligation deadbolt bolt that will hinder hoodlums.

Tint or Cover Your Windows

Tinting or covering the windows is frequently an obstruction for culprits. In the event that robbers are not able to see into a space, they may not waste time attempting to get in. This may not appear like a major ordeal, but rather if a thief arrangements to loot one garage on a specific piece, they are going to need to pick the particular case that they are most certain is loaded with assets.

While they may expect you have extravagant devices, such as a used zero turn mower for sale and things put away in the garage, they are not going to squander their restricted time on a space they can’t promise will yield high results. They will go to the home where they can see the mechanical hardware, extravagant auto and different gadgets.

You can caution your garage simply like you alert you’re home. While this may appear like a costly speculation, it is frequently as straightforward as simply adding another connect to your general home caution. On the off chance that your garage is appended to your home, disturbing it is simple. Keep in mind, the speculation will be justified, despite all the trouble in the event that it dissuades criminal movement.

How About Other Storage?

At long last, find another storage area for your resources. On the off chance that you have an inclination that your garage is not too secure, don’t keep the most extravagant family unit things in it. You can store the pricier materials in your cellar rather than the garage. This can likewise be an interim answer for garages that need extra security. In the event that you are making security moves up to your garage, store assets somewhere else until the work is finished.

Starting Your Very Own Food Blog


It is important for you to learn how to start a food blog. Knowing how to start a food blog will open you up to opportunities that will let you earn and lead to your success in the long run.

This topic about how to start a food blog may look or sound too easy. But much like other blogs or Internet marketing ventures, there are challenges associated with it. So, this article will show you the basics that you should remember when creating your own Fjällräven Kånken blog in order for it to remain competitive and marketable if you are planning to make a living out of it.

Here are the basics that will teach you how to start a food blog:

  1. Targeting Your Readers

Before anything else, determine your targeted readers. Remember that not every region of the globe has the same preference in terms of food. Also, the kind of marketing that you can apply to each location differs.

Based on your targeted readers, adjust your topics in accordance to their preferences. Do not present foods that have ingredients not easily available in their location. You should also avoid presenting topics that are not in accordance to their cultural background, religion or norm. Remember that there are parts of the world where certain ingredients or types of food are not allowed so avoid touching topics which your targeted readers may find offensive.

  1. Your Interest

Make sure that what you are doing is something that you are really knowledgeable and passionate about. This rule applies to all kinds of undertakings. Sticking with your interest will likely ensure the success of your food blog. If you are writing about something that even you have no interest in, it will definitely reflect in your blog and drive away your potential readers. But remember that above all else, you should stay with the preferences of your targeted readers. So, as much as possible, make both your interests meet.

  1. Your Budget

Budget is a huge factor that will dictate how a project will go. Thus, ensure that you have enough capital to start and maintain your project. Reserve a portion of your capital for the promotion of your food blog too, that is if you want to quickly establish the visibility of your product online especially in search engines. You may allot some of your budget to hire professional SEO providers or in tying up with other established sites that will advertise your product.

On the other hand, it is good to test the waters first before you take the plunge in the competitive world of the Internet. If you do not want to take so much risk, you can observe first how your blog will fare and only spend on the advertisement once it picks up. Unlike if you were selling a cure for male cat spraying, there are many ways to advertise your blog without spending much anyway which will be briefly discussed in the next item.

  1. The Method of Your Promotion

Last but not least, think about how you will promote your food blog. It does not necessary mean that you should spend much money to gain exposure. There are many social networking sites that you can utilize nowadays for advertising your food blog for free. But considering the tight competition online, it is important for you to come up with a quick and effective way of promoting your site. So, for fast and successful results, be prepared to invest more time and money for your food blog.

Starting Your First Business Website


How to create a website from scratch? This may appear to be a tough question for people who are not familiar with the subject. But if you already know the basics of how to create a website from scratch, this will no longer be a difficult matter.

Think of a Domain Name

Much like developing a diet for cystic acne, if you want to know how to create a website from scratch, you have to start with its basic elements first. So, the first thing that you should think about is the domain name. Basically, this element is the name or brand of your site, an example of this is

But in coming up with a domain name, be sure that it is closely related to the contents that you are planning to publish on the site. For instance, do not create a website with a domain name related to food if you are planning to write about gadgets there. Then, make sure that it is easy to remember and it is catchy.

Look for a Web Host

Once you have decided on the domain name, look for a web host. Examples of these are, iPage,, and The advantage of having a web host is that you will be provided a package that will enable you to set up your website easily without going through complex computer codes.

Remember though that not all of these are made to cater to everyone’s needs. Thus, when choosing a web host, think about your requirements first like the amount of web space you need, your advertising preferences, the technical support of the host, its reliability, the budget that you have, its offered bandwidth and others.

Plan the Contents

The next thing that you should do is plan the contents of your website. This includes the layout, images, texts and other factors that can make your website visually stimulating, informative and marketable.

However, there are many things that you should remember too when creating contents for your site. Among the main elements that you should think about is that you have to make sure that it is related to your brand and it is relevant to what your targeted visitors are expecting to see. Then, see to it that your contents are picked up by search engines easily so people can quickly find it. Next, it should be intelligibly crafted and creatively made in order for it to establish its authority on the niche or products and services that you are featuring.

Making Money from It

After setting up your website, think how you can make money out of it. Set up the payment options of your clients. Also, look for advertisers who want to feature their own products or services – such as if they sell an air purifier for allergies – into your website.

Make It Visible

Last but not least, carefully plan on how you can make your website visible in search engines. You can either hire professional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service providers or do it your way. If you are saving on your finances, you may want to promote your site on your own. There are many tips on how to do it that can be found online anyway. But if you want a more effective way to make your site visible in search engines and maximize your potential earnings, you may want to hire experts that will help you with SEO.

Guide to Starting a Fashion Blog


First and foremost, in order to start a blog of any niche, you will need the tools and resources.  We have put together all the blogging tools you need to get your feet wet.  These tools should have everything you need to get started on a fashion blog.

How to Start a Blog

There are many reasons why you should learn how to start a fashion blog. One good reason why you should know how to start a fashion blog is that this will provide you an exciting way to pass time and share your fashion ideas to people who need fashion advice and to those whom you share the same interests. Then, if done properly, this will offer you a great way to earn money to purchase an air purifier for pets for your home while you are doing something that you really love.

But before you start anything, there are things that you should think about first. So, here are the questions that will guide you through the whole process. There are no wrong or right answers to these as everything depends on you. In the end, your reflections will help you understand the basics on how to start a fashion blog.

Top Three Most Important Questions to Ask Before Starting a Fashion Blog

Your answers to the following questions will let you make a mental blueprint of how to a start a fashion blog successfully:

  1. Who will be reading my posts?

First, think about the type of reader that you will be targeting. Come up with a mental profile of your readers based on their age bracket, gender, tradition, location and preferences. Remember that you are free to add more elements in the profiling process like habits, sexual orientation, race, religion, social status and others. It is always better if you are more specific in your target.

Use the profile of your targeted readers to set your niche. Utilize it also in planning the kind of content that you should publish in your fashion blog. Make sure that what you will be posting will match their interests or fashion needs.

  1. Which blogging platform should I choose?

In choosing the kind of blogging platform that you are going to use, think whether you prefer a self-hosted or a hosted platform. Each of these has its own pros and cons. For instance, a self-hosted blogging platform may be able to provide you utmost flexibility but it comes with more maintenance, greater security risks and more cost – kind of like the responsibilities associated with purchasing a used riding lawn mower. On the other hand, a hosted platform is simply the opposite of the features of a self-hosted one.

One of the most popular nowadays due to its compatibility, a lot of customization options and other perks is WordPress. It also offers a hosted platform for people who favor such.

  1. How much is my budget?

This question must come in conjunction with the second question above. If you are willing to spend or take more risks in exchange for a more promising profit, then you may host your own blogging site. But if you are still in the process of learning the tools of the trade and you are not yet confident about investing so much into a blog, you can probably stick with a company-hosted blogging platform. No matter what you are going to choose, make sure that the returns in the long-run will be more than what you will be spending in your fashion blog.

Balancing Life and Work as a Blogger


Lately I have been feeling very overwhelmed with LIFE. Between blogging, working a full time job from home and being a stay at home mom, my time is limited.

I want to start finding ways to bring more organization to these areas. I am great at organizing when it comes to closets, kitchens or offices, but I can’t seem to find the perfect solution for my life.

The Kiddos

It would be great to have a meal plan set out for them each day so I don’t have to ponder what I am going to feed them for breakfast and lunch. I always see cute + healthy ideas floating around Pinterest, but can’t seem to bring them into our home. If you use a Bento Box type system, where do you recommend getting box supplies?

I also want to find easy activities for them to do during the day that DON’T require my complete supervision since I’ll be busy working around the house since I’ve lately been obsessed with trying out the best garden tractors. Since I do work from home I can’t always give them my undivided attention, but I do want them to have fun + educational play. See, my kids tend to run around the house like little animals which requires me to chase them down constantly. How can I get them to stay in one room where I can watch them + they are happy playing? Is that even possible, ha?

One thing I do have down so far is naptime. This is one area that has improved drastically over the years and I am happy to say that we have achieved this goal.

My Job

Since I do work from home, how and when I work is pretty flexible. Although this is the case, I do want to have a more concise way that my job gets done. Anyone else that works from home have a method that works great for them?

Blogging – For the past month or so I have felt much unmotivated to blog. We have been traveling a lot and trying to get our things moved and settled in our new place one Kanken frost green load at a time, so I know this is one of the reasons.

One major thing I want to do is start scheduling my posts better. I have not been the best at this at all. Sometimes I feel all over the place when it comes to my posts and want this to change immediately. Organization needs to come to this aspect of my life. I get so stressed out when I get behind on answering emails, comments, interacting with my sponsors, etc. I want my readers + sponsors to know that I do care what they have to say, but when I get behind it is hard to catch up and then feel bad when I don’t have time to answer every email or comment. How do you deal with this? What are your major tips to stay organized when dealing with your blog?

I would LOVE to hear any of your suggestions in all of these areas because I need all the help I can get. So start sharing!

Protect Your Body From Aging


The biggest fear that most people have is getting older. It is not so much the number or the greater risk of death that causes fear among people, but it is the fear that their bodies will not look as young as they used to.

If you give people one wish, they’ll probably use it on trying to appear younger and maybe also to make it easier for cleaning cat urine. Older people start to develop wrinkles in their loosening skin, hair loss all over their body, and a loss of function in their physical selves.

Though there has yet to be an invention that can literally make you a younger person, you can at least try a number of things to help you develop a body that feels and looks like it has fewer years than it does.

For the anti-aging segment of the economy, activity is quite strong, and almost every person past a certain age has tried one thing or another. The purpose of this post is to demonstrate a couple relatively common techniques and products that have been shown to help in the anti-aging process. You, too, can find any of the following suggestions to start your anti-aging process.

The Essential Laws of Aging

One of the most common parts of the body to show age is the skin. Most of this has to do with the external nature of the skin, as well as its visibility. Wrinkles are a common sign of age, and this is due mostly to the skin’s loss of elasticity.

For people who would like to lose some of these visible wrinkles, there are a number of body creams that can help. Certain creams are designed to be used on the face, while others are designed for other parts of the body.

In general, anti-aging products tend to focus on the face and on the arms, since these are the most likely regions of skin to be shown publicly – just like with home remedies for cystic acne. When you choose to use these sorts of creams, you may find that your skin looks much younger.

Interesting Research on Treatments

Your body will start to feel much younger if you take up regular exercise. While exercise is important at all stages of life, it takes on even greater importance as you get older. Unless you perform regular exercise, your body can really start to decrease in muscle mass and overall strength.

The best exercise programs will combine a great strength workout with consistent cardiovascular training. Cardio workouts can help your heart become stronger, while strength training can help retain your muscles.

People who want an anti-aging solution should try eating a good diet. When you eat the right foods, the effects of aging can be slowed. A good diet will consist of nutrient-rich, all-natural foods.

Best Types of Wood for Smoking Your Food


Exactly what are the lumber kinds appropriate for using in your own BBQ Tobacco smoker or even on your own barbeque grill? This is certainly a query that is always coming up. This guide will help.

Here is an accomplished listing of used riding lawn mowers for sale which was gathered from various resources.

  • Acacia trees are actually in only one family because mesquite. When burned within a tobacco user, acacia has a tastes such as mesquite however not very because heavy. Acacia is an accomplished very hot burning lumber.
  • Alder is an accomplished favorite related with the natives within the Pacific North-west to smoke salmon as well as halibut alongside. It provides off a fragile woody, smoke tastes by way of a touch of sweetness. Great alongside try to catch something, pork, poultry, and additionally light-meat game birds.
  • Almond hardwood has a nice smoky tastes, along with mild ash. Good alongside every one of the meats.
  • Apple wood and Fish Apple hardwood contain an extremely slight however discreet fruity flavor and is slightly sweet. Good alongside poultry and pork. Excellent alongside bacon and also ribs!
  • Ash timber is an accomplished fast burner. It has already a digestible but distinctive flavor. Good with fish and additionally purple meats.
  • Birch is a moderate to difficult hardwood with a tastes much like maple. Good along with pork and additionally poultry.
  • Cherry tree lumber is slight and additionally fruity. Good along with poultry, pork and also beef. Lots of people say the cherry wood is the greatest timber for smoking.
  • Citrus trees, like fruit and additionally orange vegetables an awesome moderate smoky flavor. Excellent alongside meat, pork, fish around and also chicken.
  • Poplar trees tend to be a softer wood versus wood and additionally come with a really subtle flavor. You are likely to want to put in some other stronger tastes related with hardwood whenever using Cottonwood.
  • Drupe timber, or any other fruit woods timber, the taste is minor as well as pleasing. Peaches and also nectarines are wonderful smoke for easier meat like pork, chicken as well as seafood.
  • Grapevines can be applied for smoking. The couple tend to make a tart tastes however the vines give a great deal of abundant and fruity smoke. Good along with chicken, yellow meat, game and lamb.
  • Hickory may be the quintessential commonly used wood for cigarette smoking. It has already a pleasing to robust, heavy smoky bacon kind tastes. Good with pork, ham chicken, fish around, and additionally meats.
  • Lilac wood, whenever possible think it is has already a very digestible, slight flavor by way of a flowery hint. Good alongside seafood and also lamb.
  • Maple timber makes a smoky, mellow and also slightly sweet tastes. Good with pork, chicken, cheese, as well as smaller game birds.
  • Mesquite has a robust earthy tastes. It is excellent timber for smoking beef, seafood, meat, and additionally game. Mesquite is truly one of the hottest burning forest. Many people insist which too much mesquite smoke can become a bad thing. I’ve known which smoking along with mesquite for too much time can make a sorrowful taste.
  • Berry timber has already a discreet yet sweet taste to its smoke.
  • Oak trees create a very smoky taste, but it can be loud – you might want to look into white noise machine reviews. There are many types of oak. All are actually great for smoke. Good with yellow meat, pork, seafood and additionally serious game.
  • Pear trees give a kind subtle smoky flavor. Really like mulberry or maybe apple. Excellent alongside meat and additionally pork.
  • Pecan wood has already a pleasing and also light tastes comparable to hickory. Pecan is a great timber to smoke with if it can be located. Good alongside chicken, meats, pork and cheddar dairy product.
  • Walnut has a really heavy smoke flavor. You might want to combine it along with some less heavy or perhaps fruity timber so because not to ever get a bitter flavor. Good along with purple meat and game.

Choosing a Touch-Screen Computers for a Non-Techie


All in one touch screen computers are quickly becoming one of the more popular items in the computer business world. Many people today have at least some experience purchasing a personal computer and know what sort of things to look for. Finding the best touch screen computer, on the other hand, is a new skill for many people – just like finding a good air purifier for smokers. Finding the best qualities in a touch screen computer is difficult if you don’t know what to look for; here are the most important components of an all in one touch screen computer.

Practical and Helpful Tips: Computers

One of the most important things to look for in an all in one touch screen computer is a good sensitivity. The computer would hardly be beneficial if it didn’t respond well to touch. Because not all computers are created equal, it is a good idea to try the computer out before buying it.

Try looking for some stores in your area who carry sample models of touch screen computers for you to try out. No worries if you can’t find an in store model though; all the specifications you will need to know for your touch screen computer will be available online. Either way, you should always try out your computer a lot when you first get it in order to see if you are going to like it in the long run.

All in one touch screen computers have two different types of screens to choose from. The first type of screen is known as a passive digitizing screen and the second is an active digitizing screen. Though there are many technical differences between the two, the most noticeable difference is whether or not you can use your finger on the screen.

To make selections with your finger, you should go for a passive digitizing screen. An electronic stylus can be used on an active digitizing screen, but not a finger. Most electronic styluses for active digitizing screens are cordless and come with their own battery source. If you are lucky, you can even find electronic pens that turn into an erasure when you turn them over.

Uncovering the Myths about Screens

An active digitizer will be the best at recognizing handwriting, but it will require you to use a pen at all times and be able to recognize the causes of cystic acne. Passive digitizers will let you write with your finger, but the recognition of the handwriting may not be as clear. Writing with your fingers is becoming much easier with the new addition of palm rejection. Writing with your fingers is much easier since palm rejection will ignore any accidental bumps to the screen.

Other than choosing sensitivity and passive or active digitizers, the choices you make concerning your computer will be the same as any other computer you’ve purchased before. Anything else important to you should be included in your computer; this includes WIFI capability, good memory, a large hard drive and a fast processor.

Want to Teach English Overseas? Take the TESOL


Our planet has expanded its borders and every person looking to take advantage of that move needs to know how to speak English. If you desire to be the person that teaches them, you need the TESOL.

A glance at a clothing store, a brisk walk down city streets, or an earful of automated customer service messages is proof positive that we live in an ethnic melting pot.

How to Do It

Knowing how to read, write, and speak another language is no longer a phenomenon of the future but a way of life for the present. The knowledge of another language and customs is a strong leveraging tool in every sector of society, and that signifies there are huge chances for English teachers abroad who can ride a 2-wheel scooter. But even beyond the career potential, the TESOL can open up your eyes to other societies.

Researches show that children who are bilingual understand principles more quickly, and even the seniors are increasing their very quality and span of life by using herbal forms of medicine that hail from continents beyond North America.

English Careers Overseas

Bearing in mind the impact that world customs are creating within our borders, the TESOL exam comes to the fore in preparing for a career teaching English overseas, domestically, or just to retain a global view on life. Whilst foreign speakers can retrieve self-help curricula, it is advisable to have an teacher, because a person-to-person guide makes the language come to existence in a way that far surpasses the textbook experience.

The question arises about the need to take up the TESOL exam. Here are some aspects to consider:

To Thine Own Self Be True. Taking the test is a reliable tool to assess your actual level of linguistic skill. Once you have this knowledge, you will know your strong points and weak spots with respect to the language.

Talk the Talk, make the coin. Taking the TESOL will enable you to effectively teach a planet that wants to speak English, leading you to a career that can take you through Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and beyond. Many of these countries can be cities you earn a good deal more cash than you’re used to at home.

International is the New Business Arena

Taking Care of Business! Long gone are the days of just doing business on the West and East Coasts. The real changers and shakers see as many possibilities in India as they do in Indiana. Creating a mark in the marketplace can be done as people expand the scope and depth of their linguistic skills.

Whilst training people to speak a native language and taking on world culture is favorable, there is an additional consideration to be made. As the test is administered and the large majority becomes bilingual, more challengers may arise in the marketplace.

Those who were once recognized as a “cut above the rest” – formulated on their command of many languages – will now be deemed average. There is also the potential that the mixing of civilizations may cause the discrete differences to be lost in a sea of social compromise.

Opening the Borders to Teachers

Nonetheless, it is difficult to overlook the truth that looks us square in the face – tea tree oil cures cystic acne. This truth is that our world has now grow into our next-door neighbor. The verdict is up to us. Only we can decide whether to open the door or to stay behind shut doors. It’s that choice that will dictate whether we make the grade and finally pass the exam.

The bottom line is simple: Countless number of people need to learn to speak English. They’ll pay you to show them. And the TESOL is the first step to making that happen.

Get the Right Type of Paint for Your Home


In response to the recent economic struggles, many people have been making a lot of changes in order to save many wherever they can. Somewhat surprisingly, many of the tactics people have been implementing to be more environmentally responsible have similarly shown to be economically efficient and beneficial, as well.

As such, people have found that making a number of key home improvements can be a way to help cut back on costs while also cutting down on the damage caused to the environment. A major part of these green home improvements is to look into air purifiers for cigarette smoke, and have your windows replaced, which saves a lot of wasted energy, therefore saving money.

Interesting Research on Paints

Surely, the common assumption of most people will be that having your windows replaced will cost a lot of money. However, people do begin to change their minds on this as they learn just how much energy they are losing as a result of old, poorly insulated, or otherwise outdated windows.

Whether it is a heater for winter or an air conditioner for summer, as energy leaks out of your window, this is the same as having dollars and cents leak out of the window. Should you add up all of the energy that has been lost throughout the years, it will likely add up to many hundreds of dollars, if not thousands.

The majority of windows that have been in place for many years, especially those on significantly older homes, often have all kinds of gaps, cracks, and spaces through which energy can easily slip through. In recent years, however, window technology has been vastly improved to the point of being much more energy efficient, making them more cost effective, as well.

There are now many different models and brands of windows made with innovative designs and new materials that will keep in line with your efforts of being both fiscally and environmentally responsible. If you have the means, it is even possible to have windows made to your exact specifications.

Learning the Secrets about Painting

As important as it is to choose the most appropriate window brand and model, it is equally important to choose the ideal contractor to install them properly. With the right contractor, you can be sure that each window was measured, fitted, installed and sealed properly.

Furthermore, an experienced window installer might very well advise you on which kinds of windows will be best for your specific home. However much you have to spend up front after reading the IQAir GC Multigas review, it will certainly be worth the investment in the long road.

The economy, the environment, and energy have all become the primary concerns as the 21st Century continues to unfold. In the process of becoming more conscious and responsible regarding these, making both major and minor home improvements will be increasingly necessary.

Take some time to look through the many internet resources to learn more about how window replacement can help you be more financially and environmentally responsible.

Planning a Wedding? Get the Best Photographer


You’ve got a listing of the most notable professional wedding photographers depending on recommendations and research, but now comes hard part: entrusting one with all the everlasting memory of one’s wedding. Finding the optimum wedding photographer for you personally, your loved ones as well as your wedding depends not only on your intuition, but also on how thorough you’re in interviewing them.

Talk to Them on the Phone

It is possible to glean information from just the first connection with the marriage photographer. Here’s your opportunity to find out he or she would be available on your day of one’s wedding therefore, when you are able meet for any more thorough conversation about cat spraying. After the first contact, consider these questions:

  • Did you like his / her personality? Have you feel comfortable talking to him/her?
  • Was they responsive and simply contactable by email or phone?
  • Did she or he answer all your questions clearly and thoroughly, thus making you feel welcome to ask more?
  • Was they taking your needs and special requests?

What Questions to Ask

The face-to-face meeting is when you get to be aware of wedding photographer far better by interviewing them. Look at the following questions for the first appointment:

  1. Just how long have you been running a business? The number of years of experience can you specifically have in photography? The number of weddings have you covered?
  2. Have you ever covered a wedding inside my venue before?
  3. How will we receive the photos from which to choose? Online gallery and downloadable from your website, a photo CD or proofs?
  4. How can I, my family and my pals order reprints?
  5. Just how long following the wedding can one begin to see the photos? The length of time should I choose the photos?
  6. Are you going to be the person I will be engaging with after the wedding? Are you going to help me select photos?
  7. The length of time are you going to spend at our wedding? What are your overtime fees?
  8. Do you want to personally function as wedding photographer within my wedding? Do you have an assistant? What’s their role? Can one meet them?
  9. Are you going to be more or less invisible on the wedding or are you making requests from the wedding and guests?
  10. Do you have any special packages, plans or options? Can you create wedding albums and design Thank You cards?
  11. How could you get the most flattering shot of my face and the entire body?
  12. What exactly is your cancellation policy? What if wedding ceremony date changes?
  13. Can you keep back-up copies of most your wedding photos?
  14. Do you provide any guarantees on your own services as outlined in your Blueair 603 review?
  15. Will you be taking film or digital photos? Why? If digital, what is the resolution at which you’ll set your camera? (Photos at 12 megapixels allow for quality enlargements).
  16. What is your photography style? Photojournalistic (more candid shots), traditional (more posed shots), both or some other style altogether?
  17. What is your philosophy on wedding photography?
  18. What is the worst wedding situation you’ve experienced and just how have you problem solve your way through it?
  19. Have you been formally educated in photography? Have you got any credentials, certifications, awards or recognitions?
  20. How do you be dressed about the wedding day?
  21. Can one view a full wedding album of a wedding you’ve covered? How about one from your backroom a treadmill that’s going to be found soon?

Getting Rid of Plies for Good


Hemorrhoids might be embarrassing and very unpleasant, which leads some individuals in order to overlook them. Nonetheless, this can lead to a lot more ache! You should speak with a doctor if you believe you may have piles, and she or he can advise you the easiest way to get rid of them. After you’ve read our cystic acne cure, check this out article to get more ideas.

Watch Out for Coughing

One important thing that you will want to be aware of with hemorrhoids may be the effect of hacking and coughing. Try to stay away from coughing as far as possible, simply because this movements can stress the location of the body that may be afflicted. Acquire medication when you are struggling to overcome your cough.

Your career or way of living may have an effect on your pile signs or symptoms. In case you have a work desk career or spend considerable time resting while you’re in your own home, make sure to give yourself some alleviation by travelling for a couple minutes each and every 60 minutes. This usually takes the direct strain off your hemorrhoids.

Also, if your work involves lots of large lifting, try and breathe out as you bear the brunt in the fill. Retaining your air exerts pressure about the hemorrhoids and might make them become a little more unpleasant.

Use petrol jelly liberally. Using petroleum jelly around your anus prior to using the restroom can relieve any ache you could possibly practical experience from the passageway of tough stools. It lubricates and soothes, saving you from experiencing discomfort and pain the two during and following your restroom split by preventing soreness in the hemorrhoids.

Keep Your Salt Intake Low

An excellent idea for the painful piles is usually to reduce how much salt you take in. This really is important due to the fact sodium dries out your physique, and this is actually the worst reaction you can have to oneself in case you are already experiencing tough and painful stools. Over a side be aware, sea salt is just not best for your heart wellness both.

In the event you encounter diarrhea on greater than 3 or 4 bowel movements, it’s time to plan a scheduled appointment with your medical professional. Chronic diarrhea will upset your bowels, and will lead to piles to enlarge considerably and perhaps damage. Avoid this when you eat fiber, wearing plantar fasciitis work boots, and keeping yourself well hydrated.

As hard as it can certainly be, it is quite significant so that you can withstand the desire to damage and paw at the itchiest hemorrhoids. Even though it may well supply momentary comfort, the action of damaging can actually boost your chance of developing infection or developing extra pain and irritation.

Talk To Your Doctor

Get in touch with your physician quickly if something alterations. If you feel new or more serious soreness, sense a volume of any sort, or have got a wound that cannot heal, you ought to speak to a health care provider. The physician may possibly place you in contact having a doctor, who seems to be a lot more specialized in piles, and may help you make a decision the very best course of action.

Although people might imagine hemorrhoids are embarrassing, many individuals get them. It’s frequent for pregnant women, for instance, to be prone to these enlarged blood vessels. Picking up hemorrhoids skin cream and recalling to never “strain” if you use the restroom can sort out this problem. Remember these pointers if you need to cope with hemorrhoids.

Do You Have Asthma? Be Careful!


Symptoms of asthma can be a severe medical condition that could not merely interfere in doing basic, daily jobs, but may also trigger severe symptoms that may turn out to be fatal if left unchecked. This post contains a lot of useful tips and ideas that may be helpful in lowering signs and symptoms and helping you conquer your bronchial asthma.

The most important thing to keep in mind when you find yourself owning a bronchial asthma assault is usually to not freak out but to look at our Whirlpool Whispure AP51030K review. Panicking leads your heart rate to go up, your hypertension to boost, and your inhaling to become labored. This last one is the thing that you simply DON’T want taking place. You must keep your inhaling as managed as is possible.

Leukotriene Inhibitors

Leukotriene inhibitors are a very popular treatment for people that have bronchial asthma. This type of medication will work to prevent compound materials which can cause an asthma attack. It is essential that should you be given these, and that you ensure that you use it precisely how your physician tells you how to.

Don’t presume that you will be doomed to spend your life being an invalid because of your asthma. There are sportsmen at the maximum levels that are suffering from this sickness. You just need to know and steer clear of your sparks, use caution inside your training, and get your medications routinely as prescribed. Possessing a bad mindset can actually create your signs or symptoms worse.

Keep Good Records

Keep a bronchial asthma record to monitor your signs and symptoms and triggers. By writing down the important points of your own issue daily, you can watch for patterns and establish unknown causes. This should help you to modify your surroundings, diet program and routines for optimum control over your asthma attack.

In the event you or somebody within your loved ones are experiencing bronchial asthma, it is very important keep the property as environmentally nice and clean as you possibly can by dusting and cleaning typically to eliminate contaminants in the home. Also, a bronchial asthma patient needs to have a single room inside your home that comes with an aura cleanser. This safe room may help the sufferer if a symptoms of asthma attack is noticeable.

Reducing Asthma Symptoms

Should you be hoping to reduce your asthma symptoms, you need to use bronchodilators. They are largely contained in an inhaler treatment. These could support cease temporary and long term signs and symptoms of asthma, according to the sort that you will get. They may be an excellent tool to have when you have bronchial asthma.

Eliminate all kinds of carpeting from the property. Carpeting is hard to wash and may contain dust particles no matter how long spent vacuum-cleaning it. You must choose linoleum floors or wood surfaces instead. The same applies to home furniture: obtain a leather material chair as an alternative to choosing a gentler cloth.

When it comes to symptoms of asthma, lots of people happen to be seen abusing their inhalers without recognizing it – especially while shopping for used lawn mowers. It is far from a breath freshener, it is actually only to use if you have a severe attack. Often just easy calming breathing tactics or quitting moving are all you have to do to stop an attach. Don’t constantly use your inhaler as this can make your system quit reacting to it and make it ineffective.

Wrapping It Up

Lots of people assume that it’s out of the question to perform nearly anything about asthma attack since it is an incurable disease. Nevertheless, lots of the signs can certainly be improved to the point that it’s practically minimal. Provided that you be aware of warning signs of worsening signs and symptoms, these guidelines can allow you to alleviate your most detrimental signs or symptoms.

Talent Scouts vs. Recruits – What’s The Difference?


Talent scouts are engaged in recruiting or soliciting individuals to fill up job options within a company, non-profit company or even the military. Often these employment recruiters work inside human resource division of the organization and occasionally in an outsourcing basis. These outsource recruiters work for several clients at the same time and are usually paid as third-party brokers for their used John Deer mowers. They are most frequently called headhunters, search firms or employment consultants.

Agency Recruiters

A recruiter of an agency is a vital part of seeking jobs but it ought to not be your only job search source. These recruiters work for their choosing company and that is where their commitment lies as they are attempting to make their client happy and thus they might not be good for the job seeker.

This is most likely due to the fact that there are no set regulations for an employment agency and any type of one can set up shop. This implies that job seekers need to completely scrutinize the qualifications of the employment agency as much as they would conduct research pertaining to the business they wish to join.

Employment Recruiters

Ask the employment recruiter about where they have had the ability to position prospects and exactly how long they have actually been in business. The best way to get a great job is through recommendations, which indicates that you connect with someone who knows you well and could recommend you for the new job. Take a look at the best jobs and get the help you need.

An executive recruiting firm is the kind of company that focuses on recruiting executive personnel for the client business through numerous industries. Each employment recruiter may have a large array of individual contacts particularly in their very own field or market. These may be locations of specialty, with comprehensive and specific expertise of the area and they are usually looking at just the higher levels of executive positions.

The employment recruiter is included throughout the hiring process from browsing entitled candidates, to conducting in-depth interviews and presenting the picked prospects to the customers for their assessment. After the customer has had his very own interview with the candidate who fulfills all their demands, the candidate is on his very own to get his salary fixed. Right here the search firm will certainly not lend a helping hand.

What Is a Search Firm?

A search firm has a resilient relationship with customers that last several years and normally the candidates that they search for is very essential to both the search firm as well as the employing company. In some cases, these search agencies provide clients with inside information that they have been able to receive from their clients rivals.

Those business that are aiming to hire mid-level and senior positions often approach search firms that they have actually worked with in the past to fill their requirement. By working exclusively with one search firm, they develop a much better relationship with them and the search firm in turn, works well to satisfy the clients require.

How Does An Agency Work?

When the agency has someone they feel fits the profile that their customer established they will certainly make a connection between the client and the individual so the individual can be assessed further for cystic acne treatment by the resource division of the business that is employing. When the job opening is filled the notifications will certainly be eliminated from the web websites where they were listed. The campaign will certainly be over and the business will need to pay another cost to start a new campaign.

Campaigns can include the locating of a number of individuals to fill more than one opening in a corporation. These will of course be slightly more costly to run, but they enable the company to have lots of job applicants screened so they can keep a full crew of workers.

Business are charged in lots of different ways by the employment service agencies to recruit employees for them. A few of the time the firm will certainly pay per prospect that the agency screens and recommends, and there are also agencies that fee per campaign, or opening, rather than by the candidate. Flat cost charges per campaign are the most favored kind of listings at the current time. This is because flat cost can easily conserve the firm a lot of money, as well as a lot of time.

Agency Recruiters

A recruiter of an agency is an important part of searching for jobs however it ought to not be your only job search source. The work recruiter is included throughout the hiring process from looking entitled prospects, to carrying out comprehensive interviews and presenting the selected prospects to the customers for their assessment.

A search firm has a lasting relationship with clients that last many years and normally the prospects that they search for is extremely vital to both the search firm as well as the employing company. Often, these search agencies offer clients with inside details that they have actually been able to get from their customers competitors. By working solely with one search firm, they develop a far better relationship with them and the search firm in turn, works well to meet the clients need.

Getting Married? Here’s Why You Should Consider Las Vegas


For decades, Las Vegas has been a popular location for destination weddings. In today’s world, this still holds true; many couples aim to marry or elope in Las Vegas. Las Vegas weddings, though, can be quite costly, depending upon which vendors you hire and which venue you opt for. Luckily, there are many ways in which couples save money on their Las Vegas weddings. This article is dedicated to explaining many of these money saving techniques for buying used zero turn mowers.

  1. One way that many people save money on Las Vegas weddings is by considering wedding packages. These packages are offered by hotels and wedding chapels all over Las Vegas. As a matter of fact, Las Vegas is known for the wedding packages that different establishments offer. As a general rule, wedding packages in Las Vegas include everything you need for your big day, such as a cake, attire, an officiant, and a venue. Couples are generally required to have their own rings.
  2. If you think a Las Vegas wedding package might be the answer for you and your significant other, you will need to think about what sort of theme you desire. At Las Vegas wedding chapels, couples can generally choose from several theme options. These may include a romance theme, a casino theme, or an Elvis theme. Some couples, though, have their own plans for their Las Vegas weddings; a selection of wedding chapels offer personalized theme packages.
  3. Even couples who don’t want to invest in Las Vegas wedding packages can save money on their Las Vegas weddings. One of the greatest ways for people to do this is to get married in a month when weddings are not particularly popular. For example, you will find that wedding vendors are most costly during the summertime when the majority of weddings happen. People who choose to have Las Vegas weddings in the fall or winter months usually find exceptional deals.
  4. One of the simplest ways to hold an inexpensive Las Vegas wedding is to keep your guest list small. The more people you invite to your wedding, the more costly it will be – just like the HX35 turbo. It isn’t uncommon for people who book Las Vegas weddings to have only their immediate families in attendance. Most couples who do this choose to have intimate receptions at Las Vegas’s best restaurants.

You can also have a cost effective Las Vegas wedding if you are willing to complete many of your own projects. It is common, for example, for Las Vegas brides to invest in dresses that are on sale, make their invitations on their own, and pay as little as possible for catering and bar tending. If you spend time scouring for exceptional deals, you will surely find them.

Choosing the Proper Anti-Fouling Paint for Your Boat


There are five main categories of antifouling paint designed to release their biocide at a controlled rate:

  1. Ablative antifouling paints allow their surface to be constantly worn off a tiny bit at a time to keep a fresh layer of paint and biocide exposed to the water.

This type of paint uses the vessel’s motion through the water to wear off the outer surface. If the boat sits in port for a long time, ablation won’t occur and the outer surface, as well as the insoles and inserts, won’t be renewed. High boat speeds accelerate ablation. This type of paint works well for in water hull cleaning.

  1. Sloughing antifouling paints also allow their surface to wear away.

The paint is lost in visible flakes instead of invisibly as with ablative paints. Sloughing paints are cheaper than ablative paints. This is a good paint for ease of bottom cleaning.

  1. Modified epoxy antifouling paints are not ablative.

They are called “modified” because they are a one-part epoxy paint. They make a hard, tough coating that does not wear away. The copper particles in the paint slowly dissolve into the water. The more they dissolve, the deeper into the paint the water can penetrate to reach more copper particles until the copper is all consumed. They are compatible for use over most pre-existing coatings.

They are difficult to remove. If a new layer of paint added annually without first removing the old paint, eventually the accumulated paint will become so thick it will crack and peel off. Hard paints are not good for performing underwater hull cleaning unless you’re going to do scheduled bottom cleaning.

  1. Vinyl antifouling paints are also not ablative.

They contain potent solvents that can attack and bubble pre-existing coatings if not used correctly. They work like the epoxy paints in that they do not wear away, but the biocide is still designed to leach out. They produce a hard finish that is the smoothest of the antifouling paints, and the best for high speeds. This paint must be maintained with timely bottom cleaning.

  1. Copolymer antifouling paints are a newer development that binds the biocide to the pigment within an ablative binder.

They are multi-year paints that remain effective as long as they look good to the eye. This is in contrast to other types of antifouling paint which become ineffective although they may still look fine. They retain their antifouling effectiveness even after being hauled out of the water for long periods. However, they need to be reactivated by scrubbing with a stiff brush or by light pressure-washing. This distinguishes them from other antifouling paints. You should take a look at our Winix PlasmaWave 5300 review for ways to mitigate the air pollution from this type of paint.

They are a type of ablative paint that wears thin with time and abrasion. Their surface gradually dissolves in the water even when the boat is stationary, so they remain effective when the boat is in port for long periods. They do not withstand scrubbing well because it rapidly wears the paint layer thin. They are easy to maintain. Since repainting does not have to be done annually and both the paint and biocide are removed equally by ablation, thick accumulations of old paint are avoided. This is the best paint to use. It works well for all situations

Choosing the Right Kelty Backpack


Are you looking For Quality? Dependability? A Product that will last you for Years to come? You have found the Right Place. You Need a Kelty Backpack. Kelty is an Industry Leader with years of manufacturing experience in making Products you can rely on for all of your Camping Needs.  There are many sizes and shapes available in Kelty Backpacks so take a look thru our stock, I know we have just the Kelty Backpack You Need to get cat urine out of carpet!

Kelty Yukon External Frame Backpack – 2900-3000 cu in

The Kelty Yukon External Frame backpack is idea for women and teenagers who are too small for adult-sized packs, but too large for a junior pack.

Kelty Whisper Backpack – 2500 cu in

The Kelty Whisper Backpack’s 2500 cubic inches of space and plethora of gear attachment points will make it the perfect pack for your minimalist backcountry voyage.

Kelty Trekker External Frame Backpack – 3900-3950 cu in

The time-honored Kelty Trekker External Frame Backpack sports a simple, traditional design just like Dick Kelty originally intended.

Kelty Tornado Backpack – Women’s – 4000cu in

The slim-profiled Kelty Women’s Tornado Backpack embraces your body making longer backpacking trips more comfortable.

Kelty Tornado Backpack – 4200 cu in

The slim-profiled Kelty Tornado Backpack embraces your body making longer backpacking trips more comfortable.

Kelty Tioga External Frame Backpack – 5000-5500 cu in

The Kelty Tioga External Frame Backpack is built for week-long backpacking trips where breathability and keeping cool are the highest priorities.

Kelty Tahoma Backpack – 1250 cu in

The compact Kelty Tahoma 1250 cubic inch Backpack is a true day-tripper. The Tahoma is ideal for picnics, a day at the beach, or kicking around town.

Kelty Tecate Backpack – 300 cu in

The 300cu in Kelty Tecate Backpack is the preferred hydration sport pack when you need to go fast and light.

Kelty Storm Backpack – Women’s – 3400cu in

The Kelty Women’s Storm Backpack is a sleek, fast hydration pack that is large enough to store a night’s worth of gear for year-round backcountry adventures.

Kelty Storm Backpack – 3600cu in

The 3600cu in Kelty Storm Backpack is a sleek hydration pack that is large enough to store a night’s worth of gear for year-round backcountry adventures.

Kelty Starfish Backpack – Kids’ – 600 cu in

The Kelty Starfish hydration pack for kids is perfect for the ambitious young day hiker eager to hold her or his own.

Kelty Squall Backpack – Kids’ – 2800 cu in

The Kelty Squall Kids’ 2800cu in Backpack is a streamlined internal-framed hydration pack for day or overnight explorations.

Kelty Sierra Women’s Backpack – 1850 cu in

The rugged 1850cu in Kelty Women’s Sierra 1850 cubic inch Backpack is an ideal weekend-warrior adventure hydration pack.

Kelty Sierra Backpack – 1950 cu in

The rugged 1950cu in Kelty Sierra Backpack is an ideal weekend-warrior adventure hydration pack.

Kelty Shadow Backpack – Women’s – 4500cu in

The Kelty Shadow Women’s Backpack is an ultralight pack designed to carry loads that you’d never describe as ultralight.

Kelty Shadow Backpack – 4500cu in

The Kelty Shadow Men’s Backpack is an ultralight pack designed to carry loads that you’d never describe as ultralight.

Kelty Rincon Backpack – 750 cu in

The Kelty Rincon Backpack holds a day’s worth of supplies and keeps you hydrated whether you’re kickin’ it on the trail or trompin’ through the city.

Kelty Redwing Backpack – Women’s – 2500 cu in

Kelty considers their Women’s Redwing Backpack to be a day-and-a-half internal-framed pack.

Kelty Redwing Backpack – 2650-3100 cu in

Kelty considers their internal-framed 2650-3100cu in Redwing Backpack to be a pack worthy of day-and-a-half hiking trips and can even carry a portable air purifier – see our Rowenta PU6020 review.

Kelty Redtail Backpacks – 1800 cu in

The versatile Kelty Redtail 1800 cubic inch backpack is designed as an all-purpose daypack for any activity.

Kelty Red Cloud Backpack – Womens – 5000 cu in

The Kelty Women’s Red Cloud Backpack combines features, comfort, and value for week-long recreational backpacking.

Kelty Red Cloud Backpack – 5000-6650 cu in

The Kelty Red Cloud Backpack combines features, comfort, and value for week-long recreational backpacking.

Kelty Moraine Backpack – 3600 cu in

The Kelty Moraine Backpack is a versatile, hydration-compatible overnight pack.

Kelty Lynx Backpack – Kids’ – 2650 cu in

The junior-sized Kelty Kids’ Lynx 2650cu in Backpack makes backpacking a good fit for smaller hikers.

Kelty Junior Tioga External Frame Backpack – 2050 cu in

The Kelty Junior Tioga External Frame Backpack is perfect for the young backpacker eager to achieve self-reliance.

Kelty Illusion Backpack – Women’s – 3500cu in

The Kelty Illusion Women’s Backpack is a weekend pack that’s probably lighter than your daypack, thanks to ultralight materials and LightBeam aluminum stays.

Kelty Grommet Backpack – Kids’ – 850 cu in

The Kelty Kids’ 850 cubic inch Grommet backpack is ideal for junior scholars.

Kelty Coyote Backpack – Women’s – 4500cu in

Novice and experienced backpackers alike appreciate the simple-but-technical 4500cu in Kelty Women’s Coyote Backpack.

Kelty Coyote Backpack – 4750cu in

Novice and experienced backpackers alike will appreciate the simple yet technical Kelty Coyote Backpack.

Kelty Cloud Backpack – 5250 cu in

The Kelty Cloud 5250 Backpack is the pack of choice for PARA rescue units in Iceland and Alaska and for adventure racers, because it is one of the most technically advanced backpacks in the world.

How the Web Has Changed Business


It’s a fact that has only become truer as the Web has changed the face of media and exponentially increased the volume of content we’re exposed to on a daily basis. Five times as many people read the headline as read the copy. And with social media, that can have some unintended consequences.

This morning, while skimming Facebook posts, I saw the image of the best zero turn mower popping up repeatedly in my news feed. Because I saw it so many times, I clicked through, curious to see how the comments played out (e.g., what percentage of commenters supported each candidate). Politics aside – I was shocked to see that the overwhelming number of commenters were actively opposed to the Romney Plan as outlined in the image.

Talk About Shock!

Why was I so shocked? Not because I’m revealing some political inclination, but because, after reviewing the 300 most recent comments (admittedly, I didn’t have time to review all 43,000 comments, and counting, for sentiment), I found only 4 Romney supporters.

And yet – even though the commenter (whose name has been blacked out for privacy reasons) in my feed was very opposed to the plan, the post actually helped Romney’s PR team spread their message.

Let’s look at why:

In a news feed full of text, a large, brightly colored image with bold, large font text captures attention. The most prominent part of the status update is the image itself, not the commenter’s status or text.

The first thing I’ve seen in my feed is the Romney team’s message. Assuming, like many Facebook users, that I’m skimming through “headlines” to get a gist of what’s going on in my network today, I’ll see the image (over and over), and the implication is that these people have endorsed the message in the image they’re sharing. Statistically – for every person who takes the time to read further, FIVE more will see the image (the headline), absorb that content, and move on.

If I’m actually curious enough about that particular user’s sentiment, I’ll take note that (in much smaller font), the user has commented on the photo – but the comment isn’t visible for me to see. In this case, I’ll have to dig through the recent comments in a string of more than 43,000. And unless I have a particularly vested interest in this particular person’s political views, I’m not going to spend that kind of time.

What About You?

How does that play out for the average Facebook user? According to the social network, the average Facebook user has 190 friends. That means that, for every 33 people who will take the time to read beyond your image, 157 will read the content of the image alone and move on. At time of posting, based on those figures, the commenters of these images exposed 6.8 MILLION of their friends to the message in the image alone, while only 1.4 million actually clicked through to examine the individual comments and overall sentiment of the Coway AP-1512HH review.

So, with the type of cursory glance that most of my network will take at my posts, or that yours will take at yours (especially if you have a high number of Facebook friends), I’m left with the impression that you support the Romney Plan. And in 296 cases – 98.67 percent – that is the exact opposite impression.

I’m reminded of the movie Private Parts and an exchange between “Pig Vomit” and a researcher:

  • Researcher: ‘The average radio listener listens for eighteen minutes. The average Howard Stern fan listens for – are you ready for this? – an hour and twenty minutes.’
  • Pig Vomit: ‘How can that be?’
  • Researcher: ‘Answer most commonly given? “I want to see what he’ll say next.”‘
  • Pig Vomit: ‘Okay, fine. But what about the people who hate Stern?’
  • Researcher: ‘Good point. The average Stern hater listens for two and a half hours a day.’
  • Pig Vomit: ‘But if they hate him, why do they listen?’
  • Researcher: ‘Most common answer? “I want to see what he’ll say next.”

While these pro-Obama commenters aren’t listening to hear what will be said next, they are doing more for the Romney PR team than his supporters to spread his message and “boost his ratings.”

What are your thoughts on the virality of ads such as these?

Big Twitter Mistakes Not to Make


Last night, KitchenAid joined the unfortunate ranks of brands whose Twitter accounts have – if temporarily – hosted “rogue Tweets” by employees, or whose brands have been affected by Tweets posted by employees on their personal accounts.

Cynthia Soledad, head of cystic acne natural remedies for the brand, quickly took to social media to apologize to angry customers, assure them that the rogue Tweeter would no longer have access to the brand’s social media accounts, and connect with reporters so that she could go “on record” about the incident. While the Tweet itself is an embarrassment for the brand, her response (and response time – in the middle of the night), is a perfect example of how brands should handle crisis communications.

And while KitchenAid is under fire today, the brand’s response time and actions will likely ensure that the incident quickly fades away, living on only in social media circles by marketers who look back at major social media blunders when pitching clients, networking with colleagues, or warning the next generation of social media managers about the essential need to “check your work” before publishing.

For those who are curious, here are four other examples of rogue Tweets that have hoisted brands into the spotlight, as well as the response for each:

Chrysler Autos drops the F-Bomb On Twitter

In March, 2011, an employee for the social media agency handling @ChryslerAutos accidentally dropped the F-Bomb from the company’s corporate account rather than a personal one, resulting in the employee’s firing. While Chrysler originally responded by posting that their account had been “compromised,” they later acknowledged the mix-up.

Red Cross Does It Right, Gets Slizzered

Only a month earlier, Red Cross had its own Twitter oopsie, with an employee of the company accidentally posting about her plans to #GetSlizzered on Dogfish Head beer. In this case, @RedCross deleted the Tweet and inserted humor into their response: “We’ve deleted the rogue Tweet, but rest assured Red Cross is sober and we’ve confiscated the keys.” In this case, the rogue Tweeter came forward from her own account and admitted her mistake. We’re happy to see that she’s still with the brand, more than a year later.

Ketchum Exec Insults Client’s Hometown

Back in 2009, when Twitter’s popularity was exploding and brands and marketers were developing solid strategies for how to harness the power of social for branding, James Andrews (@keyinfluencer), a VP at Ketchum, posted his thoughts about client FedEx’s hometown of Memphis the day of a presentation on, well, digital media. While this “rogue tweet” went out from his personal account, an employee at FedEx (perhaps checking out the exec’s personal Twitter prowess) found the insulting post, shared it with execs, and Andrews received a scathing letter from the company about his lack of sensitivity. Andrews later published his own apology, both accepting blame for his post and explaining his side of the story.

Microsoft Accidentally Insults Ann Coulter

A social media manager at the technology giant thrust the company into the world of politics with a Tweet that insulted conservative author and pundit Ann Coulter. In response to a Tweet from Robert Reich about a visit to see his granddaughter and sit on a panel with Coulter, Microsoft’s official feed posted: @RBReich your granddaughter’s level of discourse and policy > those of Ann Coulter.” Microsoft issued a press release on the Tweet, which was almost immediately deleted, noting that the opinion “obviously” wasn’t the company’s official position, and noting that policies had been put in place to ensure that similar mistakes would not happen in the future.

KitchenAid Mocks Obama’s Dead Grandmother

As we’ve all been reading, a now-former social media manager for @KitchenAidUSA posted off-color commentary about the HX30 turbo during last night’s presidential debate. The Tweet lived for only about 30 minutes on the brand’s site, but lived on for hours in angry RT’s calling for a boycott of the brand, apologies, and the head of the Tweeter who posted the offensive comment. Not only did the brand issue a prompt apology, but roused their head of marketing, Cynthia Soledad to take the helm. She accepted responsibility for her team, apologized to customers and the president, and made herself available to go on record with reporters who broke the story in the mass media.

While a Twitter misfire is certainly the subject of viral fire, each of these examples can offer the execs at KitchenAid some assurance that “this too shall pass.” And while rogue Tweets will stir customers to act, the brand’s response will go a long way to addressing customer brand loyalty. And, in the case of the Red Cross, taking personal ownership for a mistake you made goes a long way to keeping you from joining the unemployment lines.

Improving the Air Quality In Your Home Today


Ask anyone who has pets and they’ll tell you: it can be extremely tough to keep your home clean with all of the pet dander and odors that get trapped throughout their home.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re talking about cats, dogs, rabbits, snakes, or any other type of commonly found pet – they all make it tough to keep your home pleasantly smelling and odor free. And that doesn’t even take into consideration the negative effect that they can have on your breathing, especially for people who regularly suffer from allergies without a Blueair 203.

Offending Pet Problems

It’s no secret that the number one problem when you have pets is allergies. If you are known to suffer from allergic reactions to your pets, it’s actually the pet dander that you’re reacting to. Pet dander the little pieces of dead skin and fur that are shed by your pet and become airborne, making their way all throughout your home and into your lungs. Keeping your windows open and vacuuming regularly can help, but they won’t keep your home 100% clean.

In reality, the only ways to truly keep your home allergen free is by investing in the best air purifier for pets that you can find. There are a number of good air purifiers for allergies out there, but if you’re mainly suffering from a pet problem, you’re better off finding one specifically made for that purpose.

Another common problem that pet owners run into – especially those with cats – is the smell of pet urine around the house. While dogs, primarily puppies, are often known to have accidents inside, more often than not it are the male cats which are the biggest offenders.

More times than I can count, I’ve had cat owners ask me the same question – why do cats spray? And while it isn’t completely restricted to male cats (female cats spray as well) they are commonly the worst at doing so.

What About Cats?

To put it short, cats typically spray in order to claim their territory. Sure, solo cats will sometimes do it out of anger or spite, but more often than not you’ll notice an increase in cat spraying when you add a new feline into your home.

Nothing can completely prevent your cat from spraying, but if you want to take action to reduce the frequency – and greatly reduce the odor – you should look into getting your pet fixed. Oftentimes this will decrease their urge to mark their territory, especially when it’s male cats trying to ward off other males.

All in all, living with pets can offer a number of great rewards to their owners – including being an effective way how to get rid of cystic acne. It’s a proven fact that owning a cat or a dog can increase your lifespan by a number of years – especially when it comes to older owners who live by themselves. Yes, having a pet may mean dealing with annoying allergies or an unpleasant odor, but at the end of the day you’ll likely find that the benefits of being a pet owner far outweigh any of the potential negatives. So what are you waiting for? Go visit your local shelter or rescue organization today and look for your next family member.

Should You Get a Boat?


The weather’s getting nicer and everyone’s talking about going fishing, but wait – you don’t have a boat! How do you plan to get out on the water without one?

While many people may prefer to fish from the shore, any true fisherman can tell you that being out on a boat is better. There is nothing more relaxing to a man (or woman) than sitting out on their boat, away from the rest of society and the difficult task of installing their Borg Warner S366 turbo, but nothing but their rod and the rocking of the waves to keep them company.

Really, it’s one of the most delightful feelings in the world be to sitting out on the blue ocean, your float bobbing in the water, while you’re just relaxing for a whole.

So now you’re wondering: where do I get a boat?

Should I Hire?

There are plenty of good boat hire places all across the country. You can hire big ones, little ones, fast ones, and luxury ones. You may have seen them docked in your local marina or in on-land boat storage. Depending on which one you want, the costs and advance notice needed can vary greatly.

Some establishments will even require you to provide a captain’s license for some of the larger vessels. There are, however, many places where you can rent a small fishing boat on the spot for a reasonable price.

Should I Buy?

In the short term, buying a boat can be a very expensive proposition. On top of the initial purchase price, there are many other factors to consider when you’re buying a boat, like taxes, port costs, and operational expenses. But if boating, fishing, and other water activities, are things that you like to do and plan to do often, then buying will definitely wind up being cheaper than renting in the long-run.

Maybe you do prefer sitting on the bank of a river, or standing out on the pier, eating a sandwich and waiting for that nibble on your hook. But if you’re anything like most people, you probably prefer to be out on the water on your own private vessel. Really this is all your choice – it’s your life and nobody should tell you have to live it.

If you do think that purchasing a boat is right for you, however, you should put some serious thought into which type to buy. For many people, a wide-beam narrow boat seems to be the best option – it makes the most practical sense. This type of boat doubles as not only a vessel to do some fishing from, but also a home on the move where you can spend the night – or longer. Just make sure to bring your Fjallraven Kanken classic to ensure you have everything you’ll need for your overnight journey.

Imagine living out on your own boat – you could fish as long and as much as you want and you’ll be able to prepare your own dinner right where you caught it. What a life! Boat life isn’t for everything though, and some people may not be able to handle the constant rocking. There are others who find it better for sleeping, though.

If you had any doubts about whether you needed a boat before, I’m sure they’re long gone by now.

Hiking Must-Knows: For Even Experienced Hikers


Hiking – especially in the Wisconsin area – is one of the most popular outdoor activities. And it’s easy to see why. Hiking gives you a chance to get outside and enjoy nature, to get away from the daily grind of the city life as a Daytona Beach newborn photographer and get back to your roots. There’s no denying that it is one of the simplest, most relaxing recreational activities out there.

But while some hiking trails require little more than motivation, other trails – and definitely longer or multi-day hikes – require a bit extra preparation. In this article, we’re going to go over some of the most important items that should be in anyone’s hiking pack.

  1. Know Where You’re Going

First and foremost, you need to know where you’re going and have some way to figure out where you are. In the old days this would mean bringing along a detailed map of the area, but today you’ll find yourself better equipped with a GPS or cellphone (that has service) which can accurately pinpoint your location on the screen.

  1. Stay Protected

When you’re in the outdoors, there are a lot of harmful things that you need to watch out for. From skin-damaging sunlight to annoying insects, you need to be prepared to stay protected with sunblock, bug spray, and other items to keep yourself out of harm’s way.

  1. Be Prepared for the Worst

You never know what’s can happen when you’re going on a longer hike, so it’s important that you prepare yourself for the worst. This means not only making sure that you have a phone or other way to get in contact with help if needed, but also that you’re carrying a full first-aid kit and are knowledgeable about how to deal with situations like a fall, snake bike, or inclement weather.

  1. Stay Warm and Eat

Hiking takes a lot of energy – meaning that when you’re hiking for more than just a few hours, you need to bring something to eat and replenish the burnt calories. If you’ll be dealing with cold temperatures, you’ll also need to be able to start a fire. To achieve both goals, be sure to bring waterproof matches and food which can be cooked over an open fire.

  1. Keep Dry

Few things are worse – save maybe having a broken HX40 turbo – on a multi-day hike than being stuck out in the rain. That’s why most savvy hikers will bring some sort of emergency shelter to protect themselves from the weather. This may be a normal sleeping tent, or even a convenient and compact tarp. Either way, you need to be able to stay – especially when the weather can be cold at night.

  1. But Not Too Dry

You may want to keep your exterior dry, but it’s important that you also stay well hydrated during your hike. Just like with energy, out bodies use a lot of water while exerting physical activity, and the water you find out on the trail may not always be safe to drink. That’s why you need to make sure to pack enough potable water for your trip, or at least in between locations known to have clean water.

What to Bring on Your Next Camping Trip


Few things are more satisfying that being camped out in nature, sitting under the stay and chowing down on a delicious meal that you just prepared yourself over the campfire. For some people, however, trying to cook in the wild outdoors can seem a little intimidating at first. That’s because without all of the tools you’d find in a home kitchen, you need to know what you’re doing in order for the food to turn out well and get smoke smell out of house.

Don’t fret though – we’re going to go through some of the most important things that you need to know in order to plan and execute a great meal for you, your friend, and your family the next time that you go camping.

So without any further delay, here are out four camp cooking tips that you need to know before your next trip:

Preparation Is Key

Contrary to common belief, being a great camp cook is 75% preparation and 25% technique. Sure, you need to know how to effectively work a fire in an outdoor setting, away from the comfort of a well-equipped kitchen, but more importantly you need to have the right items and ingredients to succeed. By planning ahead and prepping for your outing, you’ll find it much easier and less stressful to stay fed no matter what the situation is.

What to Bring

Few things are worse than getting all of the way out to your camp site and realizing that you forgot something that you absolutely need. To make sure that you have everything, take the time to create an itemized list well before you go and double check every single line when you’re loading up the car. Things to make sure to bring include a well-stocked cooler, plenty of water, toilet paper and paper towels, bug spray, and plenty of hand sanitizer.

How to Cook

While some people prefer to bring a gas-powered burner with them for their cooking needs, other campers demand the authentic taste and feel of cooking over an open campfire. No matter how you choose to cook, the important thing is that you’re prepared with all of the items you’ll need for your preferred method of food preparation. If you do wind up going with a propane cooker, just make sure that you bring an adequate supply of gas – nothing is more frustrating that running out of fuel and having no other way to prepare your meals.

Aluminum Foil Is Your Friend

There aren’t very many tools or accessories that are going to be handier when it comes to campfire cooking than aluminum foil. With aluminum foil you can cook nearly any type of food in a variety of different ways – even if you don’t have a Germ Guardian keeping your air filtered and clean. That’s because it is one of the most versatile and heat resistant cooking aids out there. Where many materials would burn in direct contact with embers, aluminum foil can hold up in even the hottest camp fire. From creating a layer to keep your meat off the coals, to wrapping up vegetables and putting them well into the heat, aluminum foil is a must for any time of camp cooking.

Getting the Most from Your Time On the Lake


To many people, fishing is one of the best, most relaxing recreational activities out there. Not only are you right in the middle of nature, but you’re also taking part in a pastime that allows you to feed yourself and your family and become self-dependent. You may even want to bring a long a Daytona Beach wedding photographer to document your triumphs!

But there’s a lot more to fishing than simply going out to the water and putting your line in. It takes skills, technique, and practice in order to become a true master, and while the beginner may have some luck landing fish from time to time, to generate the best results you need to be able to perfect some of the most important basic skills of fishing.

Here we’re going to discuss a few of the most important fishing tips that beginners need to know, as well as some of the best ways to implement them the next time that you’re out on the water.

Know Your Waters

No two fishing spots are the same and that makes it extremely important to have a little bit of background knowledge about the spot that you’re planning to hit. What kind of fish are there, what size are you aiming to land, and what areas of the body of water are most likely to be where fish hang out? By studying your environment before heading to the shore to cast your line, you can ensure that you’re in the right spot to catch the right kind of fish.

Be Properly Equipped

If you’re fishing in a small river or lake, you don’t want to bring an offshore fishing rig. Conversely, if you’re out on the ocean, a small test line isn’t going to cut it. You need to make sure that you have a range of equipment for different types of environments, and if as a beginner you only have one or two rods, make sure to only use them in the types of situations that they were designed for. Also be prepared with backup hooks, sinkers, and lures – as well as the pliers and other tools you’ll need to attach them – in case you line gets hooked and breaks. Lastly, you may want to check out some sleep mask reviews and have something to cover up your eyes in case you want to take a short nap.

Your Bait Is Important

Almost as important as bringing the right equipment is having the right type of bait. This could be live bait, frozen bait, or even specialty lures. The key is to know where you’re fishing and what type of fish you’re after, and then determine what kind of bait they’re most likely to hit. Again, this involves a little bit of research of your area and the kinds of fish that are most prominent there.

Stare at the Clouds

Most beginners think that a bright, sunny day is the best time to get out and do some fishing. After all, that is the most pleasant weather for us, so why wouldn’t it be for the fish? Regrettably though, sunny days can mean that the top layer of water gets too warm for some fish, causing them to retreat down to lower, secluded depths. For the best results, try to schedule your fishing trips on cloudy, overcast days – just be sure to watch out for any lightning.