Balancing Life and Work as a Blogger


Lately I have been feeling very overwhelmed with LIFE. Between blogging, working a full time job from home and being a stay at home mom, my time is limited.

I want to start finding ways to bring more organization to these areas. I am great at organizing when it comes to closets, kitchens or offices, but I can’t seem to find the perfect solution for my life.

The Kiddos

It would be great to have a meal plan set out for them each day so I don’t have to ponder what I am going to feed them for breakfast and lunch. I always see cute + healthy ideas floating around Pinterest, but can’t seem to bring them into our home. If you use a Bento Box type system, where do you recommend getting box supplies?

I also want to find easy activities for them to do during the day that DON’T require my complete supervision since I’ll be busy working around the house since I’ve lately been obsessed with trying out the best garden tractors. Since I do work from home I can’t always give them my undivided attention, but I do want them to have fun + educational play. See, my kids tend to run around the house like little animals which requires me to chase them down constantly. How can I get them to stay in one room where I can watch them + they are happy playing? Is that even possible, ha?

One thing I do have down so far is naptime. This is one area that has improved drastically over the years and I am happy to say that we have achieved this goal.

My Job

Since I do work from home, how and when I work is pretty flexible. Although this is the case, I do want to have a more concise way that my job gets done. Anyone else that works from home have a method that works great for them?

Blogging – For the past month or so I have felt much unmotivated to blog. We have been traveling a lot and trying to get our things moved and settled in our new place one Kanken frost green load at a time, so I know this is one of the reasons.

One major thing I want to do is start scheduling my posts better. I have not been the best at this at all. Sometimes I feel all over the place when it comes to my posts and want this to change immediately. Organization needs to come to this aspect of my life. I get so stressed out when I get behind on answering emails, comments, interacting with my sponsors, etc. I want my readers + sponsors to know that I do care what they have to say, but when I get behind it is hard to catch up and then feel bad when I don’t have time to answer every email or comment. How do you deal with this? What are your major tips to stay organized when dealing with your blog?

I would LOVE to hear any of your suggestions in all of these areas because I need all the help I can get. So start sharing!