Best Types of Wood for Smoking Your Food


Exactly what are the lumber kinds appropriate for using in your own BBQ Tobacco smoker or even on your own barbeque grill? This is certainly a query that is always coming up. This guide will help.

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  • Acacia trees are actually in only one family because mesquite. When burned within a tobacco user, acacia has a tastes such as mesquite however not very because heavy. Acacia is an accomplished very hot burning lumber.
  • Alder is an accomplished favorite related with the natives within the Pacific North-west to smoke salmon as well as halibut alongside. It provides off a fragile woody, smoke tastes by way of a touch of sweetness. Great alongside try to catch something, pork, poultry, and additionally light-meat game birds.
  • Almond hardwood has a nice smoky tastes, along with mild ash. Good alongside every one of the meats.
  • Apple wood and Fish Apple hardwood contain an extremely slight however discreet fruity flavor and is slightly sweet. Good alongside poultry and pork. Excellent alongside bacon and also ribs!
  • Ash timber is an accomplished fast burner. It has already a digestible but distinctive flavor. Good with fish and additionally purple meats.
  • Birch is a moderate to difficult hardwood with a tastes much like maple. Good along with pork and additionally poultry.
  • Cherry tree lumber is slight and additionally fruity. Good along with poultry, pork and also beef. Lots of people say the cherry wood is the greatest timber for smoking.
  • Citrus trees, like fruit and additionally orange vegetables an awesome moderate smoky flavor. Excellent alongside meat, pork, fish around and also chicken.
  • Poplar trees tend to be a softer wood versus wood and additionally come with a really subtle flavor. You are likely to want to put in some other stronger tastes related with hardwood whenever using Cottonwood.
  • Drupe timber, or any other fruit woods timber, the taste is minor as well as pleasing. Peaches and also nectarines are wonderful smoke for easier meat like pork, chicken as well as seafood.
  • Grapevines can be applied for smoking. The couple tend to make a tart tastes however the vines give a great deal of abundant and fruity smoke. Good along with chicken, yellow meat, game and lamb.
  • Hickory may be the quintessential commonly used wood for cigarette smoking. It has already a pleasing to robust, heavy smoky bacon kind tastes. Good with pork, ham chicken, fish around, and additionally meats.
  • Lilac wood, whenever possible think it is has already a very digestible, slight flavor by way of a flowery hint. Good alongside seafood and also lamb.
  • Maple timber makes a smoky, mellow and also slightly sweet tastes. Good with pork, chicken, cheese, as well as smaller game birds.
  • Mesquite has a robust earthy tastes. It is excellent timber for smoking beef, seafood, meat, and additionally game. Mesquite is truly one of the hottest burning forest. Many people insist which too much mesquite smoke can become a bad thing. I’ve known which smoking along with mesquite for too much time can make a sorrowful taste.
  • Berry timber has already a discreet yet sweet taste to its smoke.
  • Oak trees create a very smoky taste, but it can be loud – you might want to look into white noise machine reviews. There are many types of oak. All are actually great for smoke. Good with yellow meat, pork, seafood and additionally serious game.
  • Pear trees give a kind subtle smoky flavor. Really like mulberry or maybe apple. Excellent alongside meat and additionally pork.
  • Pecan wood has already a pleasing and also light tastes comparable to hickory. Pecan is a great timber to smoke with if it can be located. Good alongside chicken, meats, pork and cheddar dairy product.
  • Walnut has a really heavy smoke flavor. You might want to combine it along with some less heavy or perhaps fruity timber so because not to ever get a bitter flavor. Good along with purple meat and game.