Some Current Positions that I’m Looking for Help With

I hope you do not mind me using this Blog to advertise a few things. Feedback and your comments will tell me whether I have succeeded or not!

Advert #1 – MD Position – One of the businesses I have invested in is looking for a new MD. It is a great business in the Telecoms sector based in Manchester (UK). The company is in a fast growth phase and needs someone with experience to help guide it through the inevitable problems of fast growth.

The business has a fantastic board and has proved its large growth potential. The package will be heavily biased towards stock options rather than salary and it is hoped that the candidate will be excited by the possibility of making a big difference to this business.

If you are interested in buying my Honeywell 50250s please email me

Advert #2 – Business Assistant – I am also looking to recruit someone who might consider working with me on a part-time or full time basis. The work would be varied and would have a bit of everything. I need someone who is very interested in business and would like to work for six months (and then we can see how it suits both of us) and would see this as an opportunity to learn lots about different businesses.

I would expect this person to manage my diary, the relationships I have with companies I have invested in and readers of this blog. You would also be assessing and screening a lot of business plans that I get. I will not be able to pay much but I would hope it would be a really interesting role based in London Bridge.

Advert #3 – Available Non-Execs – If there are equally any businesses out there looking for Non Executives – I have a few really good people who have contributed enormously to businesses I have invested in and either as part of their own career path or because they want to do it all over again they are seeking opportunities as Non-exec roles. Who knows I might be tempted!

Advert #4 – High Growth Program I should also mention a program that I am involved in for businesses based in London only at this stage (it is a pilot and if successful will be rolled out across the country). This company actually designs router table plans for use by big companies and private individuals alike.

The program is looking for just 35 businesses that are planning for high growth and have a turnover of £1m. There are a few conditions – but if you are interested, please do email me and I will be happy to send you more details. This one probably has the most limited number of spots available, so send me a message as soon as possible if you’re interested.

I really hope you don’t mind this Blog post. I promise you these will be few and far between. Soon you’ll be able to look forward to a whole bunch more fresh content as I get a little bit more free time in between my successful ventures!

What to Bring on Your Next Camping Trip


Few things are more satisfying that being camped out in nature, sitting under the stay and chowing down on a delicious meal that you just prepared yourself over the campfire. For some people, however, trying to cook in the wild outdoors can seem a little intimidating at first. That’s because without all of the tools you’d find in a home kitchen, you need to know what you’re doing in order for the food to turn out well and get smoke smell out of house.

Don’t fret though – we’re going to go through some of the most important things that you need to know in order to plan and execute a great meal for you, your friend, and your family the next time that you go camping.

So without any further delay, here are out four camp cooking tips that you need to know before your next trip:

Preparation Is Key

Contrary to common belief, being a great camp cook is 75% preparation and 25% technique. Sure, you need to know how to effectively work a fire in an outdoor setting, away from the comfort of a well-equipped kitchen, but more importantly you need to have the right items and ingredients to succeed. By planning ahead and prepping for your outing, you’ll find it much easier and less stressful to stay fed no matter what the situation is.

What to Bring

Few things are worse than getting all of the way out to your camp site and realizing that you forgot something that you absolutely need. To make sure that you have everything, take the time to create an itemized list well before you go and double check every single line when you’re loading up the car. Things to make sure to bring include a well-stocked cooler, plenty of water, toilet paper and paper towels, bug spray, and plenty of hand sanitizer.

How to Cook

While some people prefer to bring a gas-powered burner with them for their cooking needs, other campers demand the authentic taste and feel of cooking over an open campfire. No matter how you choose to cook, the important thing is that you’re prepared with all of the items you’ll need for your preferred method of food preparation. If you do wind up going with a propane cooker, just make sure that you bring an adequate supply of gas – nothing is more frustrating that running out of fuel and having no other way to prepare your meals.

Aluminum Foil Is Your Friend

There aren’t very many tools or accessories that are going to be handier when it comes to campfire cooking than aluminum foil. With aluminum foil you can cook nearly any type of food in a variety of different ways – even if you don’t have a Germ Guardian keeping your air filtered and clean. That’s because it is one of the most versatile and heat resistant cooking aids out there. Where many materials would burn in direct contact with embers, aluminum foil can hold up in even the hottest camp fire. From creating a layer to keep your meat off the coals, to wrapping up vegetables and putting them well into the heat, aluminum foil is a must for any time of camp cooking.