Make Your Garage Doors Last Longer with These 3 Tips


No one wants to keep replacing their garage doors because it is not only expensive but it also requires a lot of time if one wishes to oversee the full installation. Nothing lasts forever but you can ensure that your garage doors stand the test of time so that you will need to replace your garage door a minimum number of time during your stay at your current house.

Here are 3 ways to make your doors last forever:

1. The first and most important way to maintain your garage door is to fix any problems that arises immediately so that the damage does not worsen – or put your expensive equipment like your used lawn tractor in danger. For those issues that you are confident you can fix by yourself then you can go ahead and do this but otherwise it is best to call in a qualified technician to take a look at the issue.

The most common issue with garage doors is their smooth opening and closing often seen in the garage door failing to open or close completely. In this case you can attempt to adjust the limit of the doors but if the issue is within the operator then, you might have to call in a technician to fix this.

2. Your garage doors are made up of two parts one being the receiver and the other the transmitter. These two parts need to be in perfect alignment in order for the garage doors to function properly. Misalignment of the two parts results from the bending of the mounting frame but this problem can easily be fixed by manually realigning the transmitter and the receiver.

While realigning the two parts of the garage door you can use the indicator to help you know when the issue is fixed. The indicator light will keep blinking for as long as the receiver and the transmitter remain misaligned but once they are aligned the light will remain lit. Keeping the receiver and the transmitter aligned will help prevent other people who might not know how to fix the issue from tampering with the door and this will help increase the lifespan of your garage door.

3. It is also important to keep an eye on the weather seals of your garage door. The weather seals are especially important for areas with extreme weather conditions and it is advisable that you use them for the top and bottom of the garage door and between the panels of the door.

The most affected seals are those located at the bottom of the garage door which you might have to replace at least once every year. The seals between the panels and those at the top of door usually last longer than youth baseball gloves, but you might have to replace them after a few years.

These 3 ways to make your doors last forever will help reduce the turnover of your garage doors and hence minimize the expenses spent on this venture. Consistent maintenance of your garage doors is the sure way to use them for the longest time possible otherwise if you neglect their maintenance you might end up having to replace the entire garage door.