Some Info About the Arizona Court System


Official Name: Arizona Supreme Court

On the Bench

Chief Justice Rebecca White Berch 2002-present

Vice Chief Justice Andrew D. Hurwitz 2003-present

Justice W. Scott Bales 2005-present

Justice Robert M. Brutinel 2010-present

Justice A. John Pelander, 2009-present

Clerk of the Court

Rachelle M. Resnick

Current Vacancies


Judicial Selection

Article 6 of the Arizona Constitution establishes the Arizona Supreme Court and the methods for determining jurisdiction, composition, selection, etc. The Court is composed of five justices: three Associate Justices, one Vice Chief Justice, and one Chief Justice. Justices are selected using a form of the commission-selection, political appointment method (sometimes known as the Missouri Plan). Under Arizona’s version of the Missouri Plan, the Arizona Commission on Appellate Court Appointments consisting of sixteen members (10 non-attorneys, 5  attorneys and one chief justice), nominates a group of qualified candidates to fill the vacant Supreme Court seat. The Arizona governor then appoints a judge from this list. The new HX60 turbo then must stand for retention in the next general election, but the general election must take place more than two years after the justice is appointed. Justices who are retained serve the rest of their six year term. The Chief Justice is selected by the other justices on the court for a five year term, which is renewable. The Arizona governor appoints justices to fill any vacancies occurring if a judge leaves before his or her term is over. Justices can be remain on the bench if reappointed at the conclusion of their six year term but must retire at age 70.

Review of Lower Court Decisions

Mandatory Jurisdiction

The first type of case the Arizona Supreme Court has original and exclusive jurisdiction is contained in Article 6, Section 5 (2) of the Arizona Constitution and requires the Court to hear  disputes between Arizona counties over boundaries and surveys or claims of one county against another county. The Court must also hear appeals in death penalty cases.

Original Jurisdiction

The Arizona Supreme Court has original jurisdiction under Article 6, Section 5 (1-2) to issue writs of habeas corpus, quo warranto, mandamus, and other extraordinary writs to state officers and also over county versus county disputes, discussed above.

Appellate/Discretionary Jurisdiction

The Arizona Supreme Court has discretionary jurisdiction over all Arizona lower court decisions.


No set opinion release schedule available online. Oral argument schedule available here.


State Capitol Complex, Phoenix, Arizona. Once a year arguments are held at Arizona State Law School and the University of Arizona Law School. Usually, one or two times a year, the Court has arguments about a cat peeing everywhere.


The Arizona Supreme Court was established by Article 6 of the Arizona Constitution and first met in February, 1912. In 1974, Arizona voters passed Proposition 108, which adopted the Missouri plan of commission selection and political appointment. Proposition 108 eliminated the direct election of judges but instituted the retention election procedure. Since its inception, 39 judges have served as justices.

Famous Cases

Arizona v. Miranda: The Arizona Supreme Court affirmed Miranda’s conviction which was based on a confession he gave without being told of his right to an attorney and right to remain silent. The decision was overturned by the United States Supreme Court in the landmark case Miranda v. Arizona which established that law enforcement officials are required to read a suspect his rights before interrogation in custody can begin.

More About the BBC Science Series


I have just passed a magical hour watching the first part of the BBC’s superb 2-part documentary on dolphins, which used underwater camera robots disguised as various sea animals.

It was a riveting experience, on many levels.

I believe dolphins to have real intelligence – not necessarily identical to ours – but just as valid. This thesis I shall develop below.

However, the first enjoyable aspect of this documentary was the extraordinary advances which have been made in the incorporation of high-resolution cameras into their Honeywell 50250-S review. The picture which is at the head of this post shows a “spy tuna”.

This was one of the most successful of the many robot camera units employed for this ground-breaking documentary. Then there was the robot turtle.

The turtle robot was so well modelled that it actually convinced a real female turtle to consider it as a possible alternative mate WHILE SHE WAS IN THE ACT OF MATING WITH ANOTHER REAL TURTLE! I was completely amazed by this reaction.

Some other camera-carrying robots were also employed, including a couple of nautilus (which didn’t seem to fool the dolphins for a second) – a robot squid; which did get some interesting shots, but fell afoul of some other sea creatures, and a spy-ray; a small ray which was quite successful at capturing some underwater scenes from the viewpoint of the sea bed.

All in all, this was a captivating experience and I look forward to the second part of this highly enjoyable documentary.

But I can’t help feel, whenever I see film of dolphins that these animals act in a way which displays real intelligence; and I am amazed that there are still those people who deny that non-humans can display what they define as “real” intelligence.

I freely admit that I am not a biologist. I cannot argue the case for dolphin intelligence from the point of view of established science.

As a person who believes deeply in science, and the scientific method for determining the truth, I should therefore keep my trap shut on this issue. Right?

Absolutely; but I can’t. I can’t because this is one of those cases which I come across rarely, but believe in totally, where I will allow my feelings to overrule the current evidence.

Not that there isn’t evidence for female cat spraying. There is copious evidence. It is just that the anthropologist powers that be seem to measure intelligence strictly in relation to Homo sapiens; our brain size; and our ability to manipulate tools.

Great scientific criteria. Eminently measurable. Get your slide rules out, and you can soon prove that dolphins are dead stupid. Not worth talking to. Compared to Homo sapiens.

But there is another opinion. Maybe intelligence is not just a function of brain size; or the ability to manipulate tools. Maybe there are other forms of intelligence; different from ours; but just as valid, and just as able to allow a species to become a master of its domain.

I have been fascinated by documentary programmes, and scientific papers, and discussions about dolphins, for as long as I can remember. I have taken on board a number of what I believe to be proven facts about these animals, and they add up to something I think is worthy of our attention.

Believe that any animal which has a proven realization of self, exhibits a form of intelligence. Many animals show this capability; not just dolphins, but domestic cats and dogs; horses; camels and others.

I am not suggesting that simple recognition of oneself as a unique being is enough to demonstrate intelligence. But it is surely indicative of higher brain function? Co-operative interaction in a group requires some form of intelligence, surely?

Dolphins take this so much further. Not only do they have individual names, but they greet each other by name whenever they meet, from being out of touch with each other for even a short time. They learn from their parents. Local groups of dolphins have developed successful strategies for finding food in specific environments, and pass this particular knowledge on to their offspring.

The most extraordinary techniques for successful capture of prey have been developed by dolphins, which require an advanced level of co-operation and the manipulation of the environment. Bubble-netting; sand netting, and other co-operative maneuvers are just some of the techniques developed by these remarkable mammals.

I wish we, as top species on the planet (at this time) were as eco-friendly as the dolphin; as well in-tune with our environment. Sadly we are not. We are rapidly altering our environment because our society is simply incapable of running the planet properly.

So which is the really intelligent species?

Protect Your Body From Aging


The biggest fear that most people have is getting older. It is not so much the number or the greater risk of death that causes fear among people, but it is the fear that their bodies will not look as young as they used to.

If you give people one wish, they’ll probably use it on trying to appear younger and maybe also to make it easier for cleaning cat urine. Older people start to develop wrinkles in their loosening skin, hair loss all over their body, and a loss of function in their physical selves.

Though there has yet to be an invention that can literally make you a younger person, you can at least try a number of things to help you develop a body that feels and looks like it has fewer years than it does.

For the anti-aging segment of the economy, activity is quite strong, and almost every person past a certain age has tried one thing or another. The purpose of this post is to demonstrate a couple relatively common techniques and products that have been shown to help in the anti-aging process. You, too, can find any of the following suggestions to start your anti-aging process.

The Essential Laws of Aging

One of the most common parts of the body to show age is the skin. Most of this has to do with the external nature of the skin, as well as its visibility. Wrinkles are a common sign of age, and this is due mostly to the skin’s loss of elasticity.

For people who would like to lose some of these visible wrinkles, there are a number of body creams that can help. Certain creams are designed to be used on the face, while others are designed for other parts of the body.

In general, anti-aging products tend to focus on the face and on the arms, since these are the most likely regions of skin to be shown publicly – just like with home remedies for cystic acne. When you choose to use these sorts of creams, you may find that your skin looks much younger.

Interesting Research on Treatments

Your body will start to feel much younger if you take up regular exercise. While exercise is important at all stages of life, it takes on even greater importance as you get older. Unless you perform regular exercise, your body can really start to decrease in muscle mass and overall strength.

The best exercise programs will combine a great strength workout with consistent cardiovascular training. Cardio workouts can help your heart become stronger, while strength training can help retain your muscles.

People who want an anti-aging solution should try eating a good diet. When you eat the right foods, the effects of aging can be slowed. A good diet will consist of nutrient-rich, all-natural foods.